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hey girls....

well i know it looks like i have alot of time on my hands with all the post...and yes i might have..i do work me and hubby both...so not many friends...livein in a small town...but anyways..we are planning a trip in june..we have seven children five of our own and 2 newphews we are raising...even tho we both work we have alot of bills..so not a whole lot of extra money floatin around..i was lookin for a place to lodge in the smokies for the wek...that wont break us.. i need it equiped with a kitchen and tv...and everythin i have checked out has been 8 to 9 hundred...and we just cant do that...so i was wonderin do yall know of any place in the smokies to stay reasonable...i sue would appeciate any ideals...not long to save...we already saved for dolly wood...my kids have never been..so i wanna make it fun and comfortable for them...so any help on lodgin i would appreciate...thanks,