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need that push!

hi - I am very new to posting on message boards. I have been reading the message board off and on now for a few months. I am struggling with getting back on board with counting my points... Last year at this time I was down 20 lbs and only had 10 lbs to go to meet my personal goal, I also felt wonderful! Since then I have gained all back and 5 extra pounds.
Has anyone had this same experience??

Re: need that push!

hello...yes i have had that problem to recently well within the past year...but i wasnt on ww..i was doin low carb..which i guess i was sittin my ownself up for returnin weight gain..no matter how u look at it i lost then regained and even more...now i am doin the ww...but it took me a while to decide to do it...what made me get back on track wantin to lose ..is i knew it was up to me noone can do it for me..either i amd gonna try to do somethin about my weight...or i can stay like i am..and be self contous and agrevated at my self..i also told myself i can do all things thru christ which strengthens me...sometimes u have to just do it.,..instead of thinking about it,,,then when u get back into the swing of things seeing that 5 or 10 pounds or even 1,2,3 for that week gives u motivation to see what next weigh in will bring...i know puttin weight on is much easier than taking off...but u can do it..youve done it before...just think how good your gonna feel when youve meant that goal again...this is what helped me finally decide...summer is comin on...i wanna look good and feel cofortable..but most of all i do notr want all the health trouble that comes with bein over weight..and it runs all in my family...i wish u the best of luck...so hop right on in with us on our weight lose jouney!!!!!u can do it...

Re: need that push!

thanks, it really helps knowing that there are others that struggle with the same things I do!~