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thanks for the incouragement

thank yall...i was kinda dissappointed yesterday...and not to make excuses but bad time of the month to be doin a weigh in..i have 2 months of water gain and bloatiness...so i thought that might have been why i didnt see a bigger loss...but i am ok...i relize 1 pound down..is better than one pound up and that somethin must be workin for me to have droped a pound in a week...before it was like two to three weeks before i would see a pound gone....if i can get myself motivated again on my exercise it would probably really come off then...i have been to the ymca in 2weeks..i have to go early like be there at 7 cause i go to work at 8 so that makes for a early rise....and i was goin faithfully for a while but got tired of bein tired...but anywho..thats another chapter in the dear abby colum...till next time good luck girls...and thanks again!!!!