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Anybody going it alone?

I have been monitoring this site for a couple of months. I love the recipes and reading everyones suggestions. I have been doing WW since the week after Thanksgiving - this time at least. I did really good until New Years and then I lost motivation.

The meetings at the local WW were helpful at first, but after a while they didn't. I tried attending different meetings with different leaders but no luck. Its not that they are doing a bad job, its just the topics and the people who attend have different challenges. I am single, with no man in my life at the moment except for my cat. I can't relate to a lot of the problems others have with stress related to husbands and children. I work full time and I have a busy life, but I have trouble managing the stress at times - which leads to bad decision making where food and exercise are concerned.

So, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who was feeling the same way.

Re: Anybody going it alone?

I am also single, but I do not feel alone. The people at meetings in my area also talk alot about husbands and children. So do the people I work with. But that's ok. It makes me glad that I don't have those issues to deal with on a daily basis. To be honest with you, I cannot deal with the demands of a husband and focus on my weight loss at the same time. Multitasking is not my thing.

Re: Anybody going it alone?

I'm going it alone, too. I HATE going to meetings. I have never found them helpful in any capacity other than the big one; the accountability of getting on the scale in front of some person. I have this need to please deal. In any case, I find the topics and discussions at the meetings cheezy and superficial. I feel like there is a real lack of discussion when it comes to getting to the most important issue of why we've gotten fat in the first place and how to begin to work past our "issues" with food. I don't need somebody telling me to pack, measure and drink water.

For some reason, doing it by myself this time is great. It's wonderful, in fact. I just keep telling myself that this is going to be an amazing time for me. Eating better is going to be so easy. Losing weight is going to be one of the best experiences of my life. I can't wait; I'm so excited. I say something like that every day.

I also use all 35 extra points on one day wich gives me a free day more or less, and my weightloss has not suffered as of yet (17 days, ten pounds and counting). Going to the meetings made me focus on losing pounds for approval; I wanted to succeed in the group because that's just how I am. I feel much more relaxed doing it at home.

I'm sure you can do it without the group. I eat when I'm stressed, too. I find that having a few 4 pointers in containers in the fridge helps. I eat a lot of mango and ff cottage cheese. I generally don't eat processed foods, but the 1 point giant fudge bars are AWESOME if you haven't tried them yet. They take a good bit of time to eat, too. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a picky foodie, and I have a hard time settling for "diet food" but these bars are awesome. Who doesn't feel a little better sitting back and taking time out for an ice cream?
(my food addiction is actually savory, not sweet but these bars still rock when it I need to just chill out). Also, if I see something I REALLY want but would take too many points, I just say, "that's fine, I'll have it on wednesday" which is my "free" day.

I don't know if ANY of that's helpful to you, but I thought I'd share my experience as a veteran ww dieter who's currently not attending meetings and doing just fine.
Happy St. Patty's.

Re: Anybody going it alone?

I can't do this alone it just doesn't work for.
sure I can start the day off on track, but by afternoon, WW what?????

I have to show up weekly and get weighed and stay for the meeting, I have a fantastic young energetic leader who is so motivated it rubs off on the room. The people there are the same weekly, so for me its a WE thing, alone I eat and eat junk, which then puts weight on me AGAIN.
I've been a lifetime member since 1976, but have I kept it off, nope, so I'm back again with 1.6 left to goal AGAIN...

This time at goal I'm still going weekly for a weigh in and a meeting, I'm tired of the yoyo syndrome..

Re: Anybody going it alone?

I lost 64 pound on my own about 3.5 years ago and kept it off for about 9 months counting points. Then I went on vacation and had a mind set of not "holding back." When vacation was over 2 weeks later, I couldn't get back into counting points. I ended up gaining 54 pounds back. So, this time I lost most of it myself then joined WW 5 pounds higher than their goal. I am hoping that with support, that I can keep it off and not just for 9 months.

Re: Anybody going it alone?

Thanks to everyone who responded. You've given me some different perspectives to think about.

Re: Anybody going it alone?

For me I think Jess said it right i also have "I have this need to please deal". The 1st time I started WW it was either $9.22 a week or $13.00 for one weigh in a month. Of course it's a GREAT plan but the price is a little more than I want to pay. I only really go for the accurate Scale they have and the reward from the weigh in people. I don't stay for meetings. But I have tried it on my own and without any reward (good job) every time I don't do good alone. It would be good to have some friends get together and do a group meeting on the side for free amoungst each other but thats hard too. But anyway I think it can be done alone it is harder though. So for me I just weigh every 2 weeks at home.

Re: Anybody going it alone?

Dear All,

Been there and done that on my own. I can not do it! I need the meetings and a GOOD leader. Hard to find one that allows member input. Most want/have to control the meeting with their lesson plan from WW head quarters. I finally found a good one who allows some input and the right amount of lecture. It seems more like a family this time around (round 8 for me with WW, 2nd time in the last year!, 52 yrs old, go back as far as 21 yrs old when I ate bean sprouts with tomato sauce for spaghetti and yogurt with sweetnlow for mayo in tuna! YUCK! WW you've come a long way baby!).

This time it is for my health not for what I see in a mirror. I do not relate to moms and kids but will listen to them as I expect them to listen to me. I am married but no children and the marriage is crumbling. We stay together probably out of habit and fear of being alone.
I love my work and am a workaholic.

I attended Overeaters Anonymous years ago. I can tell you if you are looking to get to the deep routed problems try them, and use the food plan of choice. They are a 12 step just like AA.

WW does not go into the emotional reasons and it is hard to with only a 1/2 hour meeting. Also many deep routed issues could come up where you would need a psychiatrist or psychologist if they did. However if you belong to the site the TOOLS do go a bit into more of behavor modification based more on emotional eating than the meetings about drink your water, pack a lunch, document your food intake do. YET the meetings also use the tools.

I have found it very helpful to make my own worksheets on word for deep sould searching with the TOOLS. But get ready to eat over what you discover that is supposed to help you deal and not eat. It is a LIFETIME PROCESSS with UPS and Downs. Hope fully more emotional ups and more weight downs!

I hope this has helped and I also hope it did not sound like preaching. Who the heck needs that!? May be I just needed to 'deal'.

Thanks for letting me spout off!


Re: Anybody going it alone?

I have been paying week to week, but I thought about switching to the monthly pass and only weighing 1-2 per month. I do fine on the weigh ins in the beginning, even if I only lose a little or none at all. Its when I plateau or gain that I freak out. Then I focus too much on the weigh in, instead of the habits I'm trying to change.

I'm trying to focus on the health issues. Heart disease and diabetes run in my family and I know I need to lose the weight for those reasons.

JeanCat, I didn't feel like you were preaching! Any and all suggestions are worth consideration.

Thanks you guys! Have a great week!

Re: Anybody going it alone?

Hi there. I am going it alone mainly b/c I cannot afford the meetings right now; I'm staying home awhile longer with my youngest. I have battled weight since I got married. I never thought I would have a weight issue. If someone had given me a crystal ball when I was 22 and said "here is you in 10 years" I would have seriously thought they were nuts. I have 2 kids and I can't really blame pregnancy on my weight gain. After I got married I did not excerise and I picked up some very bad eating habits. I have been to the meetings in the past and I do not like weighing in in front of people. I do enjoy seeing other people excited about their success each week, but I find it kind of humiliating for me personally. I have the literature, I know what web sites help me and I am having great success doing this on my own. Since the end of Nov. I have lost 25 lbs. I am purchasing a treadmill tomorrow night b/c I no longer have pain in my ankle/heel since I've lost this much weight. I feel like now I can work out and not suffer too much for it. I really like this web site and I love the Margaret Thatcher quote I saw on here...."you may have to fight the battle more than once to win it." I think that is so true. I would like a weight loss buddy to corresponde with if anyone is interested. Feel free to contact me via email. Carrie

Re: Anybody going it alone?

One other thing I wanted to add...the meeting in my area are so huge/crowded and the lines are so long for paying and weighing that you miss what the speaker is saying b/c they start before everyone is through the line. I feel like I'm paying and not getting my $$'s worth for what little I am able to hear. I tend to dislike most of the receipes they offer on the board. They tend to be things I normally would never try or have on hand to fix for myself. I have a family and I need ways to make my meals healthier for everyone. Lord knows busy moms don't have time to make something different for a picky husband/toddler and then turn around and fix something entirely different for yourself.

Re: Anybody going it alone?

THis time around for me getting back to goal I got the monthly pass which also allowed me in the WW boards on WW.com..
I'm not 1.4 to goal so I cancelled my pass, and being I'm life time my meetings are free now,,

I've hit goal numerous times, that once a month weigh in doesn't cut it for me.
This time around when I hit goal, I'm still going weekly to get weighed and the most important is the meetings,, the leader I have starts out with what they get from headquarters and then she does her own thing, with alot of member participation..
I lucked out this time around,
previously I've had some BAD leaders, but that didn't stop me from staying for a meeting,.
This is about ME, just as its about all of YOU...

Re: Anybody going it alone?

Thanks Karen! I needed to know that.

Everyone is different and we need different things.
For me I am beginnig to eat and to cook healthier.
Attending meetings is vital for me.
I used to hate them and now I can't wait to go,but again the leader does make the diff.
I get excited about new food finds or new low point products and recipes that are quick and or little cooking, because I am on the go and little time spent at home.

I am doing more with the tools than before, and more soul searching. I am being monitored by my doctor for extremely high TRG's and chol and I am metabolic syndrome (Pre-diabetic) and it all runs in the fam.

I have never had kids, (by choice) love my nephews and niece, but babies are not my thing. So any way, I can not blame my wt on pregnancies. It is just plain inactivity and overeating, and wrong food choices. I applaud the honesty of the member who said her wt was not due to pregnancy but do to inactivity (sorry I forgot her name) because it took a lot of soul searching and honesty to say this.

I am short and was very skinny, malnutritioned as a baby and young girl. When I was 25 I got married and lost wt down to a size 10, but in HS and college I was a 12. But I thought I was huge. I recall my wt at 132 when I graduated college in 77, with a bit of a tummy pooch. I thought I looked pregnant. What would give to weigh that again.:) NOW 125 to 130 is my goal!!!

It is all about perception!

Everyone here has reasons why they do better alone or attending meetings.

I joined (again) in 2005 after a long absence and large wt gain with a life and health scare using the weekly pay as you go plan. Then I added the online because I need to network and socialize more than the meetings allow time for. So I paid for both. My buddy thought I was nuts.

Then when I could combine them for a lower monthly pay I jumped on that! So even if you do not use the online it is cheaper at 9.22 per week compared to 10+ or 12+

So if you do attend meetings the prepaid is the way to go financially. In addition, a great benefit is it takes less time to go through the lines. Also I drive 30 minutes to attend with a buddy and to go to a leader that I like. Because of this I get a bit late sometimes. My leader announces wt losses and head quarter announcements and new products in the begining of the meeting, so if I am a bit late I usually do not miss the 'message' or 'lesson' for the week. Also if it is too late or the lines are too long, I just get my card and sit down and wt in after the meeting is over. I do try to let the worker or staff know that I am prepaid and will wt in after. They are usually relieved because the line may be long.

If I was going to WW alone without my buddy, then I would try to find a buddy to go with. I totally understand the need for a buddy, whether live or email.
I wanted to network on the WW boards. But I have found too much sarcasm and a bit of meanness at times, but I have NOT found any negativity here on this site. I feel very comfortable here. (Thank you Aimee for the site)

Hope this helps some one!