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Corn Dog Idea from Food Network

I've made your corn dogs before Aimee and they are DIVINE...now if I made them again, I'd use veggie dogs as I'm vegetarian, but I remember how messy and hard it was to get the batter on the dogs. Well, leave it to one of my favorite Food Network stars to show the solution!

On Good Eats, Alton Brown made corn dogs and he put the batter in a drinking glass, then after coating the dogs in corn starch he dipped them in the glass...mess free and easy, even coating! Next time I make them, I'm trying this. Just thought I'd share and remind everyone how good this recipe is!

Re: Corn Dog Idea from Food Network

Thanks for the great idea Brittany...I love aimee's corndogs, too...

Re: Corn Dog Idea from Food Network

That's a really good idea. Never thought of it. :) Thanks!