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So i did my weigh in on friday morning, and I have lost my 10%!!! I was so excited it seems like i have been trying forever to get there and I finally did it! Thanks Aimee for all of your recipes to give me ideas and not have to eat only frozen dinners like I have been lately!(Too busy to cook, so smartones everyday gettin old!) I'm so glad to see you are starting over seriously this time around! You have been an inspiration, and I bet you get tired of hearing this and probably puts a lot of stress on you, but your story makes me feel like if you could lose over 100 pounds, then I would be sad if I couldn't even lose 40! Keep it up thanks aimee!

Re: 10%!!!


Re: 10%!!!

Thanks Meg, and congratulations on hitting your 10%! That's awesome!!!

Way to go!!!

Re: 10%!!!

I got my 10% on March 9, 07.
I felt GREAT but I felt guilty because I had lost about 2 pounds more at 12.8 due to respiratory flu and dehydration.
I knew it was too good to be true. So weigh in on 3-17-07 I gained back about 0.6 lbs but I had stayed on program. This site gave me inspiration to stay on track, Not give up, not give in!

So I am still at a 10% loss but not as much of a loss as when I first hit it.

Here's to a great week ahead!

Thanks meg and aimee