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Chicken Stroganoff recipe question

In Aimee's first cookbook, there is a crockpot recipe for Chicken Stroganoff. The ingredient list says to use 6 chicken halves. The directions say to place the FROZEN chicken halves into the crockpot. Are you supposed to use frozen chicken with this recipe? The ingredient list doesn't indicate that, but the directions do. I'm not sure which to use, fresh or frozen. Anyone know?

Re: Chicken Stroganoff recipe question

YUM! sounds great!
Dying to know too! I do not have the cookbook but I do a lot of crock pot cooking.


Re: Chicken Stroganoff recipe question

Hi Martha, I went back and looked at the recipe and I would say if you use frozen chicken breasts to cook it the 7 hrs, like aimee said. If you thaw them first it may not take the whole 7 hrs. If you cook them too long the chicken just falls apart and it is still really good either way. I just got off the phone with her and she is cooking dinner but I'm sure that is what she would say..we have worked on lots of the recipes together..(I'm aimee's mom)

Re: Chicken Stroganoff recipe question

Yep, that's what I would say. :) Sorry for the confusion, I should have put the word "frozen" up in the ingredients list next to the chicken. Back then I was buying all of my chicken frozen, so I probably didn't think anything about it. Sorry.

Re: Chicken Stroganoff recipe question

Thanks for the replies. I went to the grocery store before I saw the answer, and since I wasn't sure, decided to make the Creamy Chicken Italiano instead tonight. It looks yummy too!

Re: Chicken Stroganoff recipe question

Thanks Aimee
I just rec'd the first cookbook, and I've already made a few of the receipes.
my favorite so far is the chicken cordon bleu, in fact I just had a piece of it tonight, I made 4 pcs, and had it with some brown rice and salad.

total 10 points

I also made those haysticks they were yummy, I ate one and froze the other 5 wrapped in saran wrap..

I'm having a freind over for dinner on Thurs, and I'm going to make it again, its a hit..

I just ordered cookbook #2 and I can't wait to get that one, i love to cook and experiment,