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one point brownies?!?

Ok this is for aimee or anyone else who can answer...I love chocolate, as do most women, so i was going to make those 1pt. brownies, however, at my local walmart all they had was the low-fat vanilla yogurt... I can not figure out the points when you use something in a dish so maybe you can help me the calories in the 8oz are 210 fat is 2.5 and fiber is 0. how will this change the points for the brownies? thanks

Re: one point brownies?!?

Hi Meg,
I brought the recipe up in Mastercook and changed the fat free yogurt to lowfat yogurt and the points don't change. So they're still 1 point. :)

Re: one point brownies?!?

Hi All!
Is this one of Aimee's recipes or where can I get it?

Re: one point brownies?!?

Here ya go...


Re: Re: one point brownies?!?

Thanks Aimee! Actually after I posted I scoured your site as I am a newbie to it....and found all the recipes!
GREAT work!