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dinner advice

I just ate a big subway lunch. I thought tuna would be less in points but I now know its not. I only have 9 more pts for the day. Anyone have any suggestions on making it thourgh the day or what I can eat low in points?

Re: dinner advice

When I'm low on points, I have things like yogurt, big salads, burritos made with 1 point flour tortillas and fat free refried beans. I've made a taco salad (you can load up on the lettuce to help fill you up)... here's a link for that...http://www.aimeesadventures.com/RecipeFiles/MainDishes2/TacoSalad.html

I'd just stay away from empty calories. Eat things that will fill you up and help you stay full. Have a 1 point apple, carrots, hot tea, lot of water, etc.

If you want something sweet, have a popsicle or even sometimes a piece of gum helps. I also find that keeping busy helps me keep my mind off of eating, so try that. Maybe even go for a walk or do some other form of exercise. You'll make it through with some careful planning.

Re: dinner advice

Hi Kellysbell,

Be sure to check weekly for JeanCats FINDS so that you can find more low point items and new producst and ideas.

This will keep you Motivated and youcan stock the house to be prepared.