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I have been hearing about PB2, but feel so dumb because I don't know what it is!!!! I LOVE peanut butter. Does it taste like peanut butter and can you eat it just like peanut butter? Like a PB&J sandwich? And where can you order it?

Re: PB2

Dear Nancy
I originally read about PB2 on the WW boards. I did not know what it was. I asked and then I read some previous posts that got a bit mean to others who asked the same question because the same question keeps popping up and these long time members are annoyed with people like you and I who are new.

Finally in my search to find out I found a post there on WW with this link:
Great recipes and ideas. I ordered my PB2 last Sunday and it should come very soon. The above link tells you all about PB2 and since I have never had it I can't. But I can say that I learned it is a powdered form that is mixed when and as you need it. I do not know the WW pt value. And I am hoping someone here will print that.

That link got me here to Aimees.

I hope this helps you.


Re: PB2

Thank you so much! It's funny that you said that about people being mean, 'cause that's the main reason I asked the question here. I have asked questions before on the WW site and have really gotten some ugly answers....along with some very nice ones, too. It always amazes me when that happens! Anyway, thanks so much for your help, and I will certainly go to that site!


Re: Re: PB2

Hey Nancy!

Hope you are doing well!
You are most welcome!
I ordered my PB2 on Sunday and it came Friday!
I LOVE it! I mixed some up with water and it was great!
It tasted like OLD FASHIONED Peanut Butter FRESH ROASTED Flavor!
I came home and tried a few things with it. Some good others great.
I will talk more about this on my FINDS Thread.