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hi everyone. I, like most of us here, have decided that enough was enough and I needed to take control of my eating habits. I have struggled with my weight for long enough, come up with every excuse you can think of, and so yesterday was my official start day of getting in charge of my body. I thought that i would surf the web a bit for some inspiration, and am very glad that i found this site!!! it seems you are knit together for this journey and i would think that it would make this journey somewhat easier. my downfall is that i have 5 children and a husband who LOVE to eat, (and can stay skinny My up side is that i am motivated and excited to the point where i can vision a "new" me.

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Welcome Kariann! Glad to have you with us. :) You sound like you have your head in the right place to do this. Come post anytime you like. We're all in this together and everyone here is great. :)

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Hi Kariann, nice to have you with us....You are off to a good start. Now take one day at a time....and drop in often to let us know how you are doing...we all know we CAN do it...


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Hi Kariann!
I have been a member of this site for only one week, and a member of the WW board for 2 years. I have posted more on this board and gotten more out of it in this one week than I have on WW boards! This feels like 'home; to me.

Looking forward to your posts.

You might try cooking without tellintg your family that it is a WW type or point friendly recipe. Put out things like low fat popcorn and sliced apples with FF carmel for treats when they would usually eat high salt high fat chips and dip.

Also my sister noticed when she became a diabetic that when she peeled an orange or cut an apple and ate it that the members of the family looked at her like "where is mine?" So slowly she got them to feel deprived and jealous if you will, by not offering to them. She would bring out their snacks and then do hers. Then she stopped bringingout their snacks and just prepared hers. Eventually some members of the family (husband,teenagers and 11 yr old) began to ask for the same snacks to which she gladly obliged. NOW she regularly cuts up orange wedges, puts out unsalted nuts, celery with FF cream cheese etc on the counter at specific times of the day (justhome from school and TV watching). She noticed that theyenjoy it and if she forgets or is too tired or lazy they will ask her to do it. Sometimes they will offer. Occasionally the rest of the fam members get a craving for high salt or high fat snack. She always has her WW snacks on hand for this. Low fat puddings, WW choc/carmel bars, WW mint bars and WWpretzels.
She says that they do well and much better. She feels more satisfied because her actions have affected the family positively. But it all started out by not telling them that she was making low fat foods or special 'diet' foods. And doing for herself instead of thinking ONLY of the family she began to take care of herself and thing about herself FIRST. Something most mothers do not do.

Well I hope something even if just a tidbit has struck a cord and will ring a bell and help you or some one else. I have no kids so this does not help me but it sure helped my sister.


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Welcome Kariann

I have to agree with Jean, this is a much friendlier site than WW.com I found the maintenance circle(LT members) to be very clickish and they sure don't welcome a new person to invade their space..

Aimee your a blessing, to have created this wonderful place for all of us to come.... and your oookbooks rock, Ijust got the 2nd one yesterday, and I will use them... variety for me is the key, i get bored real easy and I find alot of different foods, shock the body into a loss...the same ol same ol sits within, (the hips and belly)and how frustrating that can be when all food and portions are on target for the week....

I also work out at curves 3 to 4 times a week, and have lost a gang of inches all over..