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created a new receipe

i was having dinner company over and thought to myself ok this is about me and WW what am I going to do with Chicken cutlets, so I opened the cabinet and staring me in the face was a few ingredients.

4 chicken breasts
12 pcs cooked shrimp remove tails
1 can 98% FF cream of mushroom
1 can 98% FF cream of chicken
1 can diced tomatoes
5 cloves garlic (I love garlic)
1/2 large onion
2 cups pasta, i used Barilla mini rigatoni
1 pkg of 2% milk mozz cheese
1 tablespoon of Locatelli grated cheese
pinch of oregano
pinch of basil
tiny pinch of fresh rosemary
salt and pepper to taste, I don't like or use salt

spray lg pan with pam
saute cutlets on both sides
then add all of the above ingredients
simmer low for about 1/2 hr

cook pasta, drain, arrange in bottom of baking dish
add the sauce mixture
layer chicken on top....
layer shrimp on chicken
add mozz cheese
add locatelli grated on top of that

bake at 350 in a hot oven, until cheese is melted

it was such a success they didn't know it was a WW dish...

for dessert I made no pudge brownies
added 2 tablespoons of WW vanilla fudge icecream sundae
1 tablespoon of lite cool whip
dabble of SF FF choc syrup

this whole dinner was fast and simple.....

Re: created a new receipe

Tobe, that sounds YUMM-MY! The addition of the shrimp makes it an "elegant" entree to serve company. I hope to try it soon! Thanks!

Re: created a new receipe

can u share how many points that was per serving..it sounds really good..and how do u make no pudge brownies...?

Re: created a new receipe

oops forgot the points

chicken & shrimp 7 points

pasta 1/2 cup 2 points

The no pudge brownies are 1 pt
the only indgredient added to the mix is vanilla yogart, I use the WW brand.

coolwhip using so little is O
sprinkle of FF SF chocsyrup is 0 (using a little)

Re: Re: created a new receipe

Dear Angelbear,
No Pudge Brownies are a FIND of mine that I was going to put on my thread! Thanks to Tobe, I have no FINDS for this week!
Anyway I buy my NO PUDGE Brownies at Trader Joes.
Sorry I can not tell you the price. I am terrible at that. I buy what I want and when I want and pay no attention. EXCEPT for gasoline.

Hope this helps.


Re: created a new receipe

The price for NO Pudge in trader Joes is $2.19

in the supermarket is $3.99

Trader Joes is 45 miles from me, I live at the beach, and not too many choices here, except for Acme, Shoprite and a few others, oh how I wish Trader Joes would come to this end of New Jersey...

when I do go to TJ its s treat out, I make sure I stop for lunch at Pannera Bread, thats a once in a 4 or 6 week treat...
guess I'm am lucky none of that is too close.

Sorry Jean for rocking your boat....

Re: Re: created a new receipe

Hee! Rocking my boat has helped others PLEASE continue to rock my boat!
Actually I HOPE that my FINDS thread gets others to SHARE their FINDS on any thread appropriate! And you did!
I just like teasing you all about stealing my thunder and having no FINDS to post!

Thanks for the prices. I work by a TJ but I can't getin too often due tomy work schedule, teaching late at night.

But when I do go I stock on things that I can only get there. I have never seen the NO Pudge in reg grocery stores.
What are you doing up? it is 5:20 in Ca and I have not been to bed yet. Have WW meeting in am. So excited about this board I can not tell you!