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Half way gone!

I am just wanting to tell everyone that I have lost 20.8 pounds! I'm so happy! Weight watchers is so easy! Only in that I am not constantly wanting things I can not have! I just have to learn to fit them into my week! Now I just need some time to start cooking again, smartones and sandwiches and cereal is getting old! I just need to get Aimee to move in and be my personal chef!LOL Thanks aimee, pretty new-ish to the site (only the last couple of months) and it makes me so happy to see you back on the weight loss path!

Re: Half way gone!

Meg get Aimee's cookbook, my second one came today, I'm going to sit down and have a look and see what excites me..

The first one I've used many receips already, I have the problem of boredom also, and thats when i usually quit... this time around again is going to goal and sticking weekly in meetings... thats the only thing that cuts it for me..
As of the tuesday last, I was only 1.4 to goal, hopefully this week i'll at least drop another .4 but thats ok,, even if I stay at this weight, I'll take it... this trip around was the hardest I ever experienced in all the years in and out of WW...

I don't want to go thru this torture again....

Re: Re: Half way gone!

Dear Tobe and All,

"I don't want to go thru this torture again...."
Man do I hear ya!

Ths is my 8th or so time since I was 22 and am now 52. I joined back in 76 or 77 when we ate bean sprouts with spaghetti sauce for pasta....and yogurt with sweetnlow for mayo in tuna fish! That was torture for me then. But some how the torture with more choices gets harder the more times I return.So I want to make this my last return. Let me put it another way I don't want to leave.

WW has come a long way, and is all about choice now. I made it to goal one time in all the times I went to WW. I got bored or I got cocky and stopped following program and began eating what and when I wanted. For many years the only thing this behavior affected was my wt/size and my looks. I went from a size 10 on wedding day, 12 normally to a 22. I am currently a 20/18. goal is a size 12 at 125 or 130 pounds AND LIFETIME WW membership and this time I refuse to leave. In fact I would love to be a WW leader on the weekends.

Thanks for the reminde Tobe!


Re: Half way gone!

OMG Jean you brought back a nightmare to me. I walked into WW for the first time in '74, and I remember all the tuna and stringbeans we had to injest for the week, remember 1 beef meal, 1 banana a week. making shakes with that nasty dry milk??? and the worst was we had to make our own ketchup with tomato juice.

Talk about WW coming a long way, this is a piece of cake compared to years ago, and then weighing and measuring everything we put in our mouths.
I still have that little plastic scale from way back, and its way BACK in the cabinet, I guess I'm keeping it for old times sake.. I did hit goal back then eating all that nasty stuff..
one more reminder, we also had to eat liver once a week, that I did NOT do... no way no how....

I love the WW prgram today, and the flexibility we have with choice..

Re: Re: Half way gone!

Dear Tobem

Yeah you brought back some memories for me too! I was the one in the class who loved liver and would give everyone my soda marinade recipe so that they could eat it.
I recall only 3 tomatoes, onions or yams or othe starchy type veggies per week. Due to the sugar content.

I still have my little plastic scale too! :P But itis out front to remind me daily.

Still, even though this is easier to follow, and we have more choices it still has the same torture if we have to come back and start all over again.

Cooking is a joy on WW today! compared to l970's! I found that I have intuitively made healther choices even though I CAN have whatever I want, I still choose the healthier foods in a resturant, and that is because I choose lower points. So it is automatic in many ways.

Thanks for your input!