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Help with breakfast

Hi everyone, I restarted WW a week ago today, but am struggling with ideas for breakfast. I am not much for cereal & milk, but have seen the WW brand and wondering if they are good. Can anyone give me ideas for different breakfasts. The other morning, I found myself eating a low point turkey wrap with lettuce. Yep lettuce at 6 am, but I could not think of anything else. I need ideas please help. This is a great website

Re: Help with breakfast

Hi STeph

I have to have variety.
by the way the WW cereals are very good...but I don't use them I look for the lowest points, so I use Fiber One, and mix that with a container of WW yogart..
very filling... 2 pts

on another morning I'll have an egg on a thomas lite english muffin with a pc of 2% chese, 4 pts...

so I alternate with the two....

a grilled chesse with tomato is good also, fiber and protein holds me for the next 5 hrs till lunch time...

hope some of these ideas help you out.

Re: Help with breakfast

hello...i usually do oatmeal its only 2 points without the butter i put splenda in for sugar.....and then next morn i eat raisin bran ff milk 4 pts....then sometimes a egg sandwich also 4 points 2 slices of natues own whole wheat bread bread and egg...hope this helps a lil

Re: Help with breakfast

Hi Steph,

I was one who never ate all day long until about 11PM or 12 MN. NOT healthy. I teach and do not find it comfortable to speak on a full tummy.

But I have learned that breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.
I know you do not like cereal much, so I will just give you my non-cereal thoughts, however you will have to calculate the points because it will depend upon the quantity of ingredients you use for one serving, I will supply what it usually works out for me to give you an idea:

1. Breakfast Bars. Find your favorite bring a point counter to the store. Don't forget health food stores. Vary from 2 to 6 points.

2. WW Mint Chocolate Bar 2 pts, WW Carmel OR Cinamin Mini Bar 1 pt. All great with your favorite HOT beverage. Combine with fave fruit such as apple slices or banana. Also can be eaten on way to work in car ( I do this ) or at first break at work for breakfast if you are truly not a breakfast eater.

3. Graham crackers (one of 4 small sections = 1 pt) with 1 TBSP sweetened cream cheese and cinnamon and Splenda with tea or coffee.1.5 pts

4. LIGHT Thomas English Muffin with cheese melted in microwave on 50%, I do not toast mine, I like it soft and gooey and I cut it on a plate with knife and fork. (2 pts depends upon cheese)

5. LIGHT TEM (1pt)(above) with 1 TBSP peanut butter (2pts)or PB2 powdered peanut butter mixed with water (1 pt) and 1 TBSP Smuckers preservatives ( less than 0.5 to 0.5 pts). Raspberry or Strawberry are favorites. Total: 2.5 to 3.5 pts

6. Yogurt with a tsp of FF cream cheese for a richer flavor. Varies on yogurt: 1-4 points

7. Apple and FF carmel dip 2-4 points.

8. Crock pot hot apple compote (lie an apple betty) make a batch ahead and then serve daily as desired.A dollop of FF Cool Whip
Varieson ingredients: 1-4 pts.

9. Egg beaters omlet with FF cheese melted in center with steamed or sauted mushrooms on top. About 2- 3 points.

10. Jello FF/SF instant pudding or pudding cups or othe brands: 1-3 points.

I do hope this helps you or someone else out!
YES WW brand is good. But I perfer Kashi Instant Oatmeal Regular and Vanilla flavored much higher in fiber (I think it is 8 grams of fiber) I think it is 1 - 2 points.