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I Deserve It

Why do we fall off track after having a good week? What in the world am I doing?!?

Re: I Deserve It

I am having a bit of a different problem. Why AM I fighting to stay on track, ready to fall off track after gaining 0.6 lbs two weeks in a row after having the flu,dehydrated, KNOWING i AM ON PROGRAM AND KNOWING IT WAS WATER WT??? Why can't I rationalize and just accept the number???

I have experienced the good/week fall off thing too, and I think it si a reward /punishment thing. YOu did good so you get to reward yourself with a binge or off program or off track(you choose the words) because it is old habit. Can't tell you how many hot fudge Sundays have been my reward for a raise, job well done, mom's approval, good grades, graduations etc. So over the years I learned to reward my behavior with gifts of food or apparel. So just because it is wt loss does notmean that my old habits are suddenly dead. We still have to deal with our demons.

So I KNOW better can write it to youand even to myself. Putting it in action: for me to STAY the Course is difficult. But I am doing much better than any other time with WW!

Thank you for allowing me to answer and give my input even thought it probably helped me more than it helped you!


PS congrats on your successes!

Re: I Deserve It

We call it sabotage, or self reward for a good job well done..

We at the end suffer with remorse and guilt and eventually we QUIT..

I know I've been there and done it... especially when I get near or at goal, people start with the compliments and that gets me cocky,

celebrate with bad food..

This time I'm not doing it,
THis time around has been the hardes I've ever experienced in getting 22 lbs off... it just rolled off in dribs and drabs, 02 here 08 there, but I didn't give in or give up, i still have a little bit to goal and if my 1.4 takes me the next 8 weeks, so be it... I'm a quitter but this time I'm not going to quit..

Theres a saying

If there are no changes, there are no changes!!!!!

Re: Re: I Deserve It

Great Mantra!

Re: I Deserve It

Thank you all for the motivation. I will keep trying.

Re: Re: I Deserve It

You are so worth it and deserve it! And welcome!

Re: I Deserve It

Since a old WW member, new again, i notice things have changed from a few years ago. One is CORE and the other is that frigging scale....

.3 .5 .2.
1.8 to me is 2 lbs.( which i lost tonight) But i think if i gained it would be 1.8 LOL not 2~~ No way is it 2lbs
........i just like good old numbers