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W W Meeting for Sat March 24, 07

Topic in WW meeting in So California was about how can you cut your portion sizes.
Sorry about this I think it was the "Upside to the Downsize" or something like that.

Some ideas:
1. Use smaller plates, bowls and cups***
2. Become familiar with visual aids that allow you to know by size for example steach about the size of a deck of cards is about 3 oz and 5 points. Many examples are in the WW Week 1 book.***
3. Use small snack zip locks for things that need to be counted out and to prevent your hands from going back not the package. Such as for chips, pretzels, cookies, and other items.***
4. Use serving spoons that have exact one half or one cup measurements on them.
5. Use your scale and weigh out for a while so taht you can begin to better estimate in resturants or weddings etc.
6. READ the label and be sure the information is for one serving or for more and how many servings per package.

*** = brought up in the meeting by leader or members

If no *** then that means it ismy personal after thought that I am typing now but may have heard elsewhere or before the meeting or shared on line or something as it is not my original idea.

PLEASE add to this thready

Re: W W Meeting for Sat March 24, 07

My meeting was the same one Jean last Tues...

their meetings start new on Sunday...

some good ideas we got..

This tues I'll let you all know what the topic is for this coming week....

Re: Re: W W Meeting for Sat March 24, 07

GREAT idea Tobe! I think we should make it a regular thread too.

The only problem is some people may like a 'surprise'. So putting the topic up first 'may' be a bit like posting scores to a BIG football or baseball game when you want to see the action and not know whats coming.
So do you think Tuesday may be a bit early? Since they end on Sat I think posting Friday or Saturday may be better. What are your thoughts and thoughts of others?

The reason the topics from meetins at all, I think is to document our meetings topics, have further discussion. And when someone has a posted problem we may be able to refer them to the WW helpful hints and discussions and professional advice of WW via leaders that was given in the meetings.

In addition, I recently read some posts from those going it alone. They may benefit.

I began this year differently than in the past. I take notes during my meetings now. I do this to consciously be an active listener and participant. I used to go just to go and get weighed and the meetings sounded like lectures to me. I basically dissed them. But if I had taken notes I could refer and use the 'tools and suggestions' continually.

I have been to 3 meetings in one day just to listen to different leaders to find the one I like and I can tell you that you walk away with a different message from th eleader in ADDITION to the SAME message from corporate office that they MUST give. I see my leader refering to the WW Leader lesson plan book all the time.

So what do you all think? End of the week?

Here is a compromise:
Any time some one wants to begin the thread on a Sunday through Sat for a recap of that weeks topics we can have them post a standard WARNING in the FIRST post that says something like

" WARNING: This is a post of the recap of the meeting topics from Sunday X date to Satureday Y date.
Then the first post would go in to a REPLY NOT on the SAME first post.

Draw back of this is as we get new members to AIMEE's site and forum, we will have to chance and risk that one may post without the warning and we will read it before we want to.

Discussion please!