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Jean Cat's Finds - #2

March 24, 2007
Jean Cats Finds Thread #2

I have decided to number the threads. The threads are to be weekly so that we can stay or stick to a topic without having to try to find it. They will be easier to find (pardon the pun!). So this being the second thread is called JeanCats Finds Thread #2
In numbering the ‘finds’ I will number them continually. I left off on March 19 with Find #6, therefore I will begin with Find #7. However before the # 7 will be the number 2, so that if someone should wish to refer to it in another thread to help someone out (a newbie who has not read it etc) it would be like a link. You could direct them to the actual Thread Title, Thread Number and Find Number. Just a way to organize our thoughts. Call me anal or ?? We’ll see…. may be they do not need to be numbered. Can’t hurt!

While I shall post my finds, PLEASE feel free to post your finds on the same thread for that week. In addition from time to time, I will direct everyone’s attention to posts that have finds in them that were worth mentioning and calling everyone to read the original post for the first time in case they missed it or to take a second look because it is so great!~

Lastly I would LOVE to be able to joke with the group whenever someone mentions something of a ‘find’ That I have/had planned on posting in the Jean Cats Find Thread before I get a chance to do it. So you might have seen a few jabs I have already had. Feel free to post and “Nanner Nanner” in jest for finding it or getting it posted before I do. A bit of competition and jest never hurt anyone!

By the way I have already begun a folder file in my computer of future threads. Thread 3 and 4 are already begun! At some point I will loose money buying and trying products or I will burn out Hee!. So keep those finds a coming!

Love yas,
Have a Great Week
Off to my 11 :30 Am Long Beach Ca meeting!
Scale has not moved much this week. We’ll see

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 - 7

Find # 2 - 7 Ocean Spray Light Ruby Grapefruit Juice Drink from Concentrate
Not refrigerated, until you open it, then do so.
Sweetened with Splenda (2 for $5 has been the going rate at my stores)
2/3 fewer calories than regular
A less expensive store brand is available, but I found it had fructose as its first ingredient so I did not get it.
1 cup is 40 Cals, 0 Fat 0 Fiber.
I count this as 1 point

I drink this almost every morning to get my day started. If I need to save points I use the Crystal Light Sunshine for 0 points. But I LOVE my Red Ruby grapefruit juice drink and it counts as one fruit. Both have Vitamin C in them. An added bonus: only 10 grams of sugar, most juices are 20-30 grams of sugar.

Enjoy JeanCat

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 - 8

Find #2 - 8

Tired of making your own vegetable soup or need a short break to get you to appreciate your own cooking or need something to take to work that is quick and easy? Bring a can opener to work, a microwaveable bowl and Wasa Rye Light Crackers! Count points for those crackers!

I purchased the following from a health food store:

Health Valley Organic Soup
Many varieties No Salt Added and Regular.
I ONLY purchase No Salt ADDED and IF I need salt I NEVER add SALT I add spices.

Example #1
Split Pea No Salt Added $1.89 for 15 oz can
1 can has 2 servings
Each serving: 110 cals, 0 Fat, 8 FIBER Points: = 1
Can = 2 servings 2 points for the whole can!!!!
Sugar is 5 gram
Sodium is only 45 mg

No ham in this soup. But you could add your own ham or to her meats, Be sure to count your added points:
Some Ideas
Bacon Bits
Imitation Bacon or Soy Bits
Candian Bacon
Smoked Turkey
Turkey Ham
Fat Free Hot Dog cutup in small pieces
Real Ham

Example #2
Tomato with bits of tomato $2.89 for 15 oz can
Health Valley Organic Soup
1 can has 2 servings
Each Serving 80cals 0 Fat, 1 Fiber Points = 1
Each can has 2 servings for 2 points for the whole can!
Sugar is only 11 grams
Sodium is only 70 mg


I was VERY underweight as a baby and child. I would not eat. So my mother was told to add fats to everything that I would eat in order to put wt on me. I would get up at 4 am with my dad and my mom would slip a raw egg into my coffee. Until I found out, I just thought I was having coffee in the morning with daddy and it was the big people’s drink so if it taste good to them then it must be good. It tasted like YUCK but it was my way of being special with daddy. One day I saw mom slip that raw egg in that coffee and I puked and to this day I can smell raw egg a mile a way and can not stomach the thought. Being raised as an Italo-American didn’t make it any easier! Dad drank his potion that only men drank for ‘vitality’ or what we would call ‘masculinity’ today. What was it? Raw egg and red wine and salt and pepper to taste. YUCK! If you have seen Rocky you probably know what I mean. This is a common potion for Italian men and a cultural belief that the egg holds some ‘mojo’.

Not much to do with WW but since it came out of my fingertips I have decided to keep it in the thread. My father is in heaven now, but he must be thinking of me.

This is where I was going with the ideas for the tomato soup:
Another thing they were told to do is add butter or margarine to what ever they could. So my mother always served Campbell’s tomato soup made with milk instead of water and a tsp of margarine or butter. Hmmm it was good. But as I got older I preferred Tomato Soup made with water and margerine. I HAD to have that Margerine.

I have since learned to like Tomato soup without the margerine, but I love it with it. Any way I do not keep solid margarine in the house since I have to watch fat intake. But I do have ICBINB Spray (newbies this is I Can’t Believe it is Not Butter Spray). So I spray a few squirts in the soup and it is very good.

Try a sprinkle of good quality grated Parmesan or Romano cheese on top.


Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 - 9

Find #2 – 9 Found OUT! I had been buying the Campbell’s Restricted Soup, Found the Organic is HEALTHIER, LESS points and LESS sodium and MORE FOOD VOLUME. But I like the flip tops and handiness for travel.

Don’t want to take a can opener with you?
Try the Campbell’s LOW Sodium Soups. You will have a hard time finding them! But check the diet section or diabetic section. The soups are actually called
Campbell’s Restricted Sodium Soups and are different than 1/2 or 1/3 Less Sodium soups. These soups have a ring on the top for easy pop top opening on the go/for work.

Sorry I do not have the price on the can.

Example #1
Split Pea Restricted Sodium 10.25 ounce can
1 can is 1 serving
240 cals, 4 gram fat, 6 Fiber 4 Points

Recall Healthy Valley is 220 cals, 0 Fat 16 FIBER for TWO servings or 15 ounces and only 2 points!

Example #1
Chunky Vegetable Low Sodium Restricted Sodium Soup
10.25 ounce can 1 serving
160 cals, 4 grams Fat, 6 Fiber = Points 4

My guess is if Health Valley has a beef vegetable soup that it is 3 or 4 points for the 15ounce can. But I really do not know.


Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 - 10

Find # 2 – 10

Traditional Medicinals Weightless and Cranberry Weightless Tea
(‘supports weight control’)
16 bags $5.15
Caffeine Free

Found at the same health food store that I found the Health Valley Soups. Had this in my cupboard for a while and had not opened it. I prefer the original Weightless flavor which is a bit spicy compared to the Cranberry Weightless.

I use this ONLY when I have had too much salt, that special time of the month or night before a weigh in. It makes a big difference in how I feel. It is not a drug diuretic, but has natural MILD diuretic effect equivalent to orange juice with out the added calories or points.
Makes my weigh in’s less emotional! I use it sparingly like a secret weapon. I do not want my body to get used to it. Not sure if that is possibleJ But I only use it when I feel a bit bloated or if my bp is slightly up.

Bitter fennel
Red Clover Blossom
Uva Ursi leaf (natural diuretic)
Cleavers herb
Hibiscus flower
Chicory root toasted
Parsely (another known natural diuretic)
Stevia leaf (natural sweetener)

Other spices such as cinnamon in the original and cranberry in the cranberry

Note should not be used for long term daily intake. Should not be used by pregnant women or children under 12 yrs. Due to intended diuretic effect.
Uva may cause nausea or vomiting in some people. (it does not in me).
Kosher product for those who need to know.

I do not recomend using if youuse other medications or diuretics.

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 - 11

Find # 2 – 11

Spice of the week Find: Vegit (a very Low Sodium dry condiment)

Can be used in soups, great in the WW Vegetable Soup, chicken gravy, light sauces egg salad etc. I also add to mushrooms when sauté with a bit of wine, but my next thread I will share with you a different spice that I prefer for this. I use it in place of salt .


Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 - 12 Snack of the Week

Find #2 – 12
Snack of the Week

Snack – Creamy Chicken Parmasean Crisps
2 Wasa Light Rye crisps
Spread with 2 Tbsp FF Cream Cheese
Topped with:
Shredded Parmesan cheese {good quality not that powdered stuff! J}
Olives sliced or diced black or green

1.5 to 3 pts depending upon what you top with and how much you add of each ingredient.

See Thread Find of the Week: JeanCat Find # 2 - 13

Hope you like and will post your own variations!


Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2-13 Thread Find of the Week!

Find #2 - 13
Thread Find of the Week!

I am a newbie to this site, since last week end.
Aimee suggested that I do this thread once a week. I have agreed. But I have also been playing catch up to this site. While going through threads I found this one by Terrie dated Feb 1, 07 - 12:35 PM

Title: enjoying a great lunch....anyone else

“””I am having the best lunch today! I have a couple of the one point flat breads. I used six slices of turkey breast (1pt), 1/2 slice of ff swiss cheese (1/2 pt) and loaded with tomatoes, pickle, and red leaf lettuce. Add those to my 2pts worth of pretzels and I have an extremely filling 7 pt. lunch. Mmmm, it's going to be a good day! What's everyone else having?””

I could not believe how similar, yet different, it is from my own recipe snack in find #2-12. I was in week two of this year in early January 2007 and I had purchased a store roasted chicken. The next day I was going to eat a cold chicken sandwich when I thought ‘what else can I do with this? How can I make it more special’.

Anyway I am not sure what Terry means by flat breads. I used to eat Norwegian moist flat breads. Wonder if this is what she means. Terri if you are out there please comment.

Again let's have YOUR variations on this!


Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 - 14 JeanCats Personal Recipe of the Week

Find #2 - 14
JeanCats Personal Recipe of the Week

JeanCats Italian Cannolli filling or Classic Tiramisu

Being Italo-American I have had to come up with things to satisfy certain cravings and traditions and replace old world fattier recipes or die trying.J

Heres is are my versions: Please let me know if you come up with a better one.

Crust Option #1 2 – 3 Ginger snaps OR 1 (all 4 small parts) graham cracker crushed Points = 1
Crust Option #2 2 Lady fingers or other whole cookie not crushed
Points Vary Calculate your own

2 TBSP of FF Ricotta Points =1
2 TBSP FF Cream Cheese Points = 0.5
dash of vanilla, rum or other extract ( if you do not have it don’t sweat it!)
Optional: a few sprays of ICBINBS (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray for newbies)
Splenda to taste 1-4 packets.

Cinnamon (if you don’t like it leave it off, can be added to plain crushed graham crackers)

Drizzel ½ to 1 tsp of Hershey Chocolate sauce (points vary on type but are very low)
Points 0.5 for 1 tsp (1 per 1 TBSP)

Optional points vary:
Candied fruit (used frequently at Christmas, be sure to place a dried cherry on it)
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate sprinkles
Fat Free Carmel (apple topping stuff)
Maraschino cherries
Have not tried this BUT my PB2 just came in. You PB lovers out there may try adding this or making a PB sauce with more water.

Optional Crust: Crush Ginger or graham crackers to powder. Easy when placed inside a zip lock and use a can of soup to roll on it to crush the cracker/cookie. No mess No fuss.

Mix creams to smooth consistency with fork or Magic Bullet type blender.

Get out that pretty china or dessert dish or saucer!
Place crushed cookie on the dessert dish or use as a topping. OR place two lady fingers on the side of the plate.

On top of the crushed or powdered cookie or cracker place the cheese mixture.
OR place the cream mixture next to and touching only the side edges of the lady fingers
On top of the cheese sprinkle cinnamon
Add any other topping of choice

My favorite is:

Cream Mixture with Rum extract 1.5 points
Sprinkle with Cinnamon
Drizzel with Chocolate Sauce/Syrup on plate too for presentation.
About 10 chocolate chips about 1 point (1TBSP = 1.5 pts)
I do not use crust to save points. But if I used anything it would be gingersnaps as a sprinkle not as a crust.
2 Maraschino cherries (drained) one on each side.( do not know the count of points but reading the dried and fresh, and knowing the sugar added, yet I drain very well I use 0.5 pts)
Total points: 1.5 + 1 + 0.5 = 2 points
And for a great presentation for company: I usually Top with FF Cool Whip or FF Redi Whip in a Can another 0.5 point.

Here is another, but more American Variation:
Jello Cheesecake Instant pudding Usually 3 points.
Use any flavorings and toppings you like just calculate them.

Manga Buono!

Jeanetta (yes that is Jean Cat)

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2 * 15

Find #2 – 15 JeanCats Personal ONE-HALF (0.5) Point Snack !!!

Okay Tammy this is the Garlic one I told you about on JeanCats Finds Thread 1 that is not numbered.

During my first 2 weeks of being back on program in early Jan of 2007 I was seeking LOW point foods. One night I looked in my fridge and just knew what I could do!

This is what I had:
FF Cream Cheese (1 or 2TBSP = 0.25 to 0.5 points!!!!)

Now this would be great as is: The cream cheese spread on the celery. Heck MOM made that for me when I was that skinny kid I told you about to put wt on me. “Hey! Hey! I’m Over Wt, take a look at me now” (sung to “hey! hey! were the Monkeys….”).

Okay there it is:

Add as much or little of GARLIC POWDER to the CREAM Cheese! Serves as a salt –free tasty salt-like satisfier when you want crunch but can not afford the carbs or points. I am mainly a sugar freak, get my groove on to sugar substitutes. But I am also Italo-American and CRAVE Italian tastes, most of which are highly fattening and taboo for my high chol and TRG’s.
This one worked!

NOW from this I kept experimenting and I added the garlic and fresh garlic to the cream cheese and spread it on Wasa Rye Crisps. To die for!
Then I tried it with sour cream!! I added dried parsley cuz my 92 yr old mom said that it would help my breath! I don't think it did, but she quit the 'Italian Mama hovering' when I added it. It looked alot prettier and reminded me when you use store bought powedered dip that has green specs in it.

The next thing I did was try onion powder. Iliked it as long as the powder was real white and not roasted or toaste or carmel or yellow color.

I then added real minced green onion with the onion powder and that was good. But that taste for garlic kept coming back. So I guess I like the garlic dip better.

Next I added the cream cheese and the sour cream together. Very good. But I prefer on or the other.

But wait it gets better. But you will have to wait for Thread # 3 Hee! I AM a Monkey! Just wish I was a ‘little’ monkey!


FOUND OUT! - #2 - 16 PB2

Dear All,
A Jean Cat Found Out means I found out something is not good or not so good.

Here is the deal:
I LOVE my PB2,it arrived jsut 5 days after order as promised.
I first tried it with water - Fantastic!
I then tried it with Cool Whip - I was ecstatic!

But then wanting a peanut butter fudge, I tried it with FF cream cheese - This was a NO GO!

So I FOUND OUT that PB2 does not taste well for me in FF cream cheese, but I can not wait to try other recipes or make them up myself. I have a couple in mind and I am going to repeath the FF CC experiment too.

There is already a thread for Pb2 recipes. So if you have any you might want to post in both places or just the original thread.

Re: FOUND OUT! - #2 - 16 PB2

Dear All,

I forgot to add that I took Nicole's advice and broght the PB2 to show and tell as myWW meeting today.
4 out 5 who tasted it whent 'nuts' pardon the pun and said they would order it and got the site 'Bell Plantation' from me.

Jean Cat

Re: FOUND OUT! - #2 - 16 PB2

Found OUT I did not like the PB2 in FF Ricotta cheese either!
I even tried mixing the Ricotta/PB2 mixture with some cool whip . Better but to me not good!

I LOVE the Cool Whip and PB2!

Any other recipes for PB2 out there?
I know about the smoothies. Any thing else?

Jean Cat

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2

Jean not for nothing, but i see very frequently you refer to 0.5 in points, which to me means a 1/2 point.

I was told years ago by some wise WW leaders, nothing is 1/2 point, if fat content is 2.5 round it to the next point of 3

its better to be safe than sorry and count points incorrectly......

If by any chance you doubt me, ask the question in your next meeting...

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2

Hey Tobe,
I never count half points either and was told the same thing. Not to mention, on the points finder slide that they give you at the first meeting, it says right on it... "If necessary, round fat and dietary fiber grams on the label or recipe to the nearest whole number. For example, if total fat is 2.5 grams, round up to 3 grams. If fat or fiber information is not available, use 0 grams". I was told if the number falls between the two lines on the slide, that's the number of points. If it falls right on the line, then you go to the next highest number.
Now here's where it gets funny and I think Weight Watchers contradicts itself.... Since I've been using the monthly pass, I get free etools with it and I've been using it to input my food everyday and track my weight loss. The points tracker they have on their site for etools gives 1/2 points. Normally I would count 16 ounces of fat free milk as 4 points and they count it as 3.5 points. So I can imagine how some people count half points and others don't. Even WW doesn't seem to know which it should be. LOL! Just my opinion. :)

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2

I play it safe Aimee and round it off.

This is something told to me back in the 70's

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2

I learned on etools before I used the paper or battery operated point counters. So I use the number of whichever ever I am using.

I thank you all for your input and I will ask my leader on Saturday and get back to you.


HOT TOPICS! TRe: Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2

Dear All,

I attended TWO different meetings with two different leaders on Sat March 31, 07
The questions I asked are:
1. Use of ½ points: This question raised holy hell in a discussion of differing opinions. “But at the end the leader said what every helps you to stay on program use it. Personally I have lost all of my wt using ½ points.’ There were many life-timers and former life-timers with varying opinions.

FYI: POINTS as we know them did not exist in the ‘70’s . The plan was based upon Exchanges much like the diabetic diet. I recall having to eat liver once a week, 3 fish, meals, no more than 3 beef meals, 2 milks, 3 veggies a day no more than 3 sweet veggies in one week. Some time in late 70’s 5 or 10 bonus points came into the picture, but no counter. In the 80’s we got extra points. I do not recall how they were counted. I think I may have not been too active back then.

Soooooooooooooooo I count 1/2 points. I will be placing them on my recipes and in parenthesis I will say how many points if you round. Such as 0.5 or 1/2 point (or 1 point if you round). JeanCat

2. Next came the question about doubling the points when you eat two servings and or if you have to add a point. Here are the examples I gave:
If you have a serving of let’s say
Item A that has: 70 cals, 2 grams fat and 8 grams of fiber the points would be 1 pt If you had a second helping of Item A most of us would say that is another 1 pt, which in fact it is :
140cals 4 grams of fat and 16 grams of fiber = 2 ( I am using my electronic WW point calculator).
But watch what happens when you do this one:
1 serving = 140 cals 2 grams fat and 8 grams of fiber = 2 pts
Second serving = 280 cals 4 grams of fat and 8 grams of fiber = 5 pts (NOT 4)
So if we were to apply the double the points for double the serving rule then we would be missing that extra point and this could keep us from loosing at the scale, especially if we did this every day for one point at the end of the week that would be and extra 7 points or if using extra points 36 + 7 = 43 points! .

The leader said YES we should take a strong look at this when we are on a plateau especially. But for most people in the early wt loss stages, that the body will not notice this difference. However after the first 10% it probably would make a difference, depending upon how many pounds a person has to loose. Why? Because 1 point to someone with 20 lbs to loose is a lot while one point to someone with 150 lbs to loose is not that much. Once again this came down to working the program to work for you. But the leader tended to say that they must count the points from doubling everything no just the points.

Notice in both cases grams of fiber are well over 4, but the counters are made to only use 4 grams fo fiber. So the fiber being over 4 is not the reason as others have stated.

Now the argument to this is: if you ate the same thing twice in one day at different intervals you would have recorded 2 in the am and 2 in the pm NOT 5. So technically there is no real right or wrong way. The leader acknowledged this also. Again the leader stated there is no cut and dry rule but it should work for the person and be customized and individual.

I will take a strong look at this if and when I get to a plateau or when the wt is not moving very fast I will definitely use the higher point scale. Any recipe that calls for doubling that I post will have the higher end point used. If I fail to count the points correctly please feel free to kindly correct me. I am human.

3. The final question that I asked was about Core vs Flex how often and when can you switch. She was VERY definite about this: She said ‘ WE ARE TAUGHT do not switch until you have been on for one week, switch only every 7 days not 1 or more days apart. She then pointed to page 39 of the booklet #1 THERE it is in BLACK and WHITE.

I had been on core before and I KNEW this answer because I often heard my leader say this and I recalled it was in the book, just could not find it when it was being discussed on this site this past week. JeanCat

Okay THINK and BELIEVE what you WANT and WHAT you WILL, PRACTICE what you WANT. These are hot topics. We are all entitled to our own opinions and we will have different ones and much will be based upon our own experiences and wt loss travels and our role models which was the topic for this past week.

If you submit a recipe to AIMEE for her book, you should know that she has the right to calculate the points differently. My suggestion is to give the information for everyone to recalculate the points to their liking or to have them all done one way. I am sure Aimee has that down pat. :)

Which brings me to ONE thing that comes to mind the leader said it really does not matter which you choose to do on #1 and #2, what matters is consistency for that one person. What works for one will not necessarily work for another.

Most respectfully to all
Just reporting, just the messenger!

Jean Cat

Re: Jean Cat's Finds - #2

Dear Aimee and Tobe, the electronic calculator and the paper one both round or are meant to be used to round.
Aimee is correct that the etools does not round. I brought this up in the meeting and the leader looked dumbfounded. Perhaps she will confront her monthly or weekly staff meeting and ask! Who knows.

Will keep you posted if I get a different answer about any thing else.

Love yas