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Silly question about PB2

hi all

ok, im a little confused and feel VERY SILLY asking this...

so, 2 TBspoon of PB2 is 1 point, right? is that 2 TBspoons of the DRY POWDER or with the water mixed in too? i know its just "water" and obviously water has no points, but today i put it on a WW english muffin and it seems like an awfully lot of PB for 1 point. but its just water, right....???!!!!!


Re: Silly question about PB2

Funny thing is MOST people I spoke to or rad their comments think that 2 TBSP Dry makes LESS than 1 TBSP!
Any way to answer your question:
1 TBSP DRYP PB2 = 54 cals, 2.8grams Fat, 3 grams of Fiber
So NO MATTER what you mix it in and No matter how much water you add, no matte what you spread it on
THOSE 2 TBSP are equal to ONLY 1 POINT!

YEP only 1 pt!!


Re: Silly question about PB2

thanks jeancat. i am VERY excited to have found this product.

Re: Silly question about PB2

I have a question regarding the fiber on PB2. At first I thought it was 3 grams--but when I focused on it, I think it says .3 grams of fiber. That's what it looks like on my jar. Any one else know? Do I just need new glasses?

Re: Silly question about PB2

You are right, looks like .3 to me also...

Re: Silly question about PB2

But--either way, it's still ONE point and DELICIOUS!!

Re: Silly question about PB2

Dear All,

I will have to check at home I am still at work for about 3 more hours.
I apologize to every one IF I have misread it.

I do wear store bought reading glasses and I can not see with out them.

Glad to hear it is still one point either way. Sad to hear less fiber if this is the case!

I'll check again.

Thank you!
Jean Cat

Re: Silly question about PB2

Yep, it's .3 but like you said, it's still 1 point. :)

Re: Re: Silly question about PB2

I checked when I got home at 12 MN and it is 0.3 grams fiber per 54 cals and 2.8 grams fat.

I am sorry for misreading it. I had to bring out my magnifier! Getting old!

Any one have any new recipes for this stuff?
I love it with water and Cool whip!

I tried it with cream cheese and ricotta cheese and i did not like it.

has anyone baked with it yet?

Jean Cat