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I'm going on Core Today

I just made up my mind to do the Core part of WW..

I've done it before, ate until i was satisfied, but I didn't do too well as far as the scale went, I never gained, but I never lost any significant amount of weight....
I'm think my body today needs a jolt off flex, and into core..

I'm going to use Barley today instead of Brown rice, and in the barley

I added...

1 can chicken broth
1 can tom sauce
garlic, a dash of salt and pepper...

I'll have that with a piece of aimee's chicken cordon bleu, a large salad... no dessert tonight

If I'm hungry and I'm looking for something, I'll have a container of WW yogart and a cup of fiber one cereal....

Tomorrow is weigh in for me, so today I'm keeping my food lite, with alot of water....

and no need to count points on Core.....

Re: I'm going on Core Today

Keep us posted how the switch goes. I'm not having a very good loss with Flex and considering switching also. Thought I'd give flex 2 more weeks, and then see. Good luck either way!

Re: I'm going on Core Today

Its not a bad idea to go off flex for a day or two during the week and go on to core.

Todays foods were"

B egg (c)
banana (c)
lite eng muffin 1 pt

tuna 4oz with FF mayo and lettuce (c)

WW Choc smoothie (c)
1 cont WW yogart 1 pt

snack 98% mini bag popcorn (c)
orange 2 small (c)

dinner Aimees chicken cordonbleu (c)
barley in tomato sauce (c)

If I want to snack later, I'll have a WW yogart 1 pt and fiber one cereal (c)

the points used that are not core foods, come off the 35 flex for the week... all the core foods are in the week 1 starter book,,

I'll know tomorrow when I weigh in if core today made a difference, I've been losing .02 for the last two weeks. then again I'm so close to goal that this is what happens to me all the time... at least the .02 is a minus and not a plus...

wish me luck that maybe 1.4 came off and I hit goal finally.....

Re: I'm going on Core Today

Good luck tomorrow, Tobe....If you don't lose it.... might be the cereal you are eating tonight....will be still in your system tomorrow since it is high fiber...keep us posted...


Re: I'm going on Core Today

I didn't have that fiber one last nite, I found i had no need to snack on anything... besides i went out, came home and went to bed,,

I went to weigh in this morning, dropped .08
which now leaves me to .08 to goal, whewwwwwww this has been some process, to date I lost a total of
22 lbs... for me that was like carrying around an extra 100... I can't carry that weight, my back hurts, my clothes look like crap on me , I have no incentive to put make-up on, I just downright feel crummy about myself...

Today its not like that anymore, the 22 off made me get my self esteem and self confidence back...

if I can do this anyone can, i fully believe that!!
its just a matter of not quitting no matter what,

Re: I'm going on Core Today

I totally agree with you Tobe! Congrats on the loss too. I know its gone slow, but hey look how close you are now. :) That's awesome!
I tried Core for 2 weeks over a year ago. I did really well and lost weight, but after 2 weeks I was bored (I just felt too restricted in food choices and felt hindered in the kitchen). Not to mention eventually I was convincing myself I wasn't full and would eat more. I had to switch back to Flex for my sanity. LOL! I think Core is a great program and is the healthy way to go, but I just like flex better. If I get to a point where I stop losing on Flex, I'll switch to Core for a couple of weeks to shake things up a bit. :)

Re: I'm going on Core Today

I think core for a few weeks is a bit much too.

I stick mostly to flex and maybe just maybe I'll do core for 1 day, every few weeks..
You can switch and use the two in the course of a week, but if you do flex, then its flex for the day, if its core, than its core for the day..
in other words you can't do flex for B and L and Core for dinner..... or core for B and the rest of the day flex..

One day doesn't kill me, it just gives my body a jolt.
SOmetimes I need to do that to move the scale downward.

Re: Re: I'm going on Core Today

Hi all,

I do respect everyones choices and opinions. However I will share with you what MORE than one leader has stated regarding switching and you be your own judge.

WW says switch back and forth to Core or Flex, BUT stay on either for one full week.

Personally I have tried core, and I finally learned the feeling of satisfied vs full vs hungry. However I am not to be trusted with eating until I get to satisfied, but not full. I have a problem with this. For some reason counting the points works better for me. But I have to say that I gravitate towards healthier foods while on Flex. I can not seem to give up breads like my LIGHT Thomas English Muffins that I found about 2 months ago. But I no longer eat white breads, and even find myself asking the waitress/ers for whole wheat bread instead of french roll or white bread or sour dough. I eat more fiber cereals, brown rice instead of white etc. But all on Flex.

I have also found when I am on Flex program all the way and doing well that I feel satisfied,not full and not hungry.

Just my two cents,

Re: I'm going on Core Today

Now in my WW meeting we can do flex for a day or two and go on to core for a few days...

it seems to work for me when I do 6 days of flex and one day of core....

it for some reason boosts my metabolism... and i have a loss at the scale...

Re: I'm going on Core Today

Very Interesting. I believe as long as what you are doing causes a wt loss then it is working, don't fix it.
But it would be nice to see a consensus among the officials at WW.
Glad it works for you.
If I do core for only a day or two I usually go way over 'my points' and gain. But if I do core for more than two days I find the points lower a few days later and it is almost like doing the Wendie plan and then by the end of the week it evens out. Then it is a wt loss.

The main problem for me on core is 'stopping' when full after I have been on core for a while about 2 weeks and I am hitting the walls. I truly envy those that can do core. It is what would be the most healthy for my particular problems with fat/trg's/glucose etc. But again I am making healthier choices and that is what I care about most.

Tobe I will check again, as it has been about 1 month since I have heard the leader say this, and I will ask the reasoning and post it here.

Thanks for sharing what goes on in your meeting.