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NO Pudge Ice Cream

I was mosing along today in the ice cream isle, and came across NO PUDGe ice cream

all they had was fudge i bought them yummy good

1 point,,

I've had the ice cream pop with a cookie crumble on the outside that was excellent, my shop rite here doesn't carry it any more,

Acme now carries it...

I want to tell them to get the Strawberry shortcake ice cream pops in a friend say they were terrific

all the ice cream pops are 1 pt.... 6 to the box

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

Hello Tobe, are they similar to the WW ice cream bars with the cookie crumbs?

I dont think my local store carries NP Ice Cream

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

Oooh yum, I love ice cream. I'll have to look the next time I go to the store to see if they carry anything. Thanks for sharing!

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

They're similar to WW but better I think.

The only WW ice cream product that I use is the 8 oz cups, vanilla or choc fudge sundaes..

2 pts for 8 oz....

I think No Pudge is a better product, and a wider selection,

Re: Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

I still LOVE Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches for 2 points. Chocolate and Vanilla and come in 6 packs.

Love em
Love em
Love em

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

I looked for the no pudge ice cream at 2 different stores yesterday and didn't see it. :( Bummer.

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

Since Trader Joe's has No Pudge Brownie Mix 'maybe' they have No Pudge ice cream

Personally I have never seen No Pudge Ice cream.
Sounds good.

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

I get my no pudge brownie mix at Trader Joes, but I'm in New Jersey, maybe different stores don't carry the same product.
If you ask at cust service maybe they can get you the product.
The ice cream I found in Acme, Shop Rite used to carry it, but they discontinued it...
I like it much better than any other product, and its all just 1 pt....
I look for the best for less points that is.

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

Aimee go into nopudge.com theres a listing of stores that carry it...

i'm going right now to have a fudge pop, i'm in the mood for something sweet....

No pudge here I come LOL...

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

Hmmm, I just went there and it list Kroger in OH. They list Columbus and Cincinnati area. I live closer to Cinncinnati, but maybe I'm not south enough. I noticed it said Meijer and we have those here, so maybe I'll check that next. Thanks for the info. Have a treat for me until I can find them. :)

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

Thank you Tobe!
However I FOUND OUT why I cam not getting NO PUDGE Ice Cream in California!
the following statement is made on that site:
"Stores that carry our Ice Cream treats as well as the Brownie Mixes are listed in PINK"

There are 40, YEP 40 states that do NOT have a store in pink!!!!
California and OHIO are two of them. So Aimee this is why you did not see them either!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Maybe they are made in NJ and because of refrigeration?

I will continue to keep an eye out for them!

For now it is Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches for me! But I love them !

Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

awe, dang! I didn't see the message about states in pink. I was even out shopping at Meijer late last night and didn't even think to look for it. Guess it's a good thing I didn't anyway. LOL! Thanks for the heads up. :)

Re: Re: NO Pudge Ice Cream

Sorry to be the one to burst the bubble!
Any way for now Skinny Cow for me!
Just found MINT ones!