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New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

hi all

i bought these chips last night and they are REALLY good. they have a few flavors, but i got the french onion.

serving size = 12 chips
cal = 140
fat = 6
fiber = 2
points = 3.

my new lunch has become WW english muffin w/ PB2 and raspberry preserves along with a serving of these chips. not bad for 6 points and it kinda feels like cheating because everything is so tasty.

7th weigh in tomorrow...ill keep you posted!

Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

What A FIND!

Last night I ate PB2 with Smuckers Splenda No Sugar Raspberry jam and it was great.
thsi time I added the PB2 to the jam as someone somewhere on WW board had suggested. I really like the PB2 separated better. But Raspberry seems to be a favorite of mine.

Jean Cat

Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

Good Niccole you found something you like,
I wouldn't waste 3 pts on 16 chips, not when I can get WW cornchips, or pretzels for 2 pts,

If you take your point finder into the store with you you'll find other products just as good for 2 pts. I use kettle brand lightly salted baked chips, they;re delice... not too many store carry them, i have to go to Trader Joes for them.... 2 pts a serving

I try to consume foods with the lowest points, so I can have more variety at dinner time...

THomas' lite 100 cal multi grain eng muffins are just as good if not better than WW and less costly, 1 pt

Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

I've been eating the Thomas 100 calorie english muffins. They are better than the WW ones I think. I've been making egg mcmuffins for breakfast with them. I don't buy chips very often but when I do, I buy the Lays Light Chips (I think that's what they're called, don't have any on hand to go look). They're 1 point per serving. They contain Olestra and I know some people have a problem with it, but it doesn't bother me.

I've had the sunflower chips. You're right, they are good. I don't normally spend 3 points on a serving of chips, but from time to time if I have the points, I'll have them. :)

Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

i thought i was doing good with the 3 point chips! tell me your fave brands for something crunchy/chip wise for 1-2 points!

Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

I like the Pringles Fat Free chips. They have different flavors and from memory, 14 chips are 1 point. I like the jalapeno flavored ones, but only with something to drink.


Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

Lays are good, and so are the Pringles brands.

Trader Joes carries I think the best products, but when I shop I always have a point finder with me, I keep one in the house, and one in my pocket-book, its just very handy to have... I never know where I'm going to land up during the day..

I try not to nibble on salt products, instead I'll peel an orange or use Pineapple chunks in its own juice, it cold and refreshing, and good.
I also keep a bowl of grapes in the fridge, and grab a couple during the day, of course I give these to the dogs as treats instead of biscuits, i have to watch their weight also, I don't want fat dogs, its for sure not healthy for them. especially for my 12 1/2 yr old Maggie, my new puppy doesn't need it either.
My whole house, me and the dogs are on WW LOL....

Re: Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

Pringles Fat Free BBQ are my FAVORITES! and as stated earlier 14 cips = 1 point
Olestra is supposed to give you diarrhea or stomach aches but I never had that after the first time I ate them.

BUT it is difficult to find them any more in Southern California. It is easier to find the plain in Fat Free original, but even that seems to be being phased out.

I felt that due to the sunflower chips that have more mulitgrain in them that it is a great finde. I also think there is less sodium in them.


Re: Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips


I FREEZE them in the summer and I use them to nibble on during hot days.

I also use them as ICE cubes.

One way to get a fruit in!~


Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

Tobe, you give your dogs grapes? I read somewhere that they shouldn't have grapes (can't remember why off of the top of my head). Maybe they can have some, but not a lot. Do you know anything about this? My dog would love to have some grapes. I can't eat apples anymore without him begging me for some. He knows as soon as he sees it, I don't even have to start cutting it up yet. He also likes banana, but doesn't get it often. :)

Re: New Product: Snyders MultiGrain Sunflower Chips

I offer both my dogs grapes when I have them, my older one will eat maybe two, the puppy i have to cut it in half, but the answer is no not really, not everyday, and the limit is maybe 2.
My puppy also loves orange, citrus which is unusual for a dog, I also do give Jeni (the puppy) banana every morning when I'm having one.. and apple, its better than constantly giving them biscuits which are very fattening,.. I keep my senior Maggie kind of restricted with treats, I don't want her to have any extra un-necessary weight on her at this stage of his life, shes 12 1/2 and my Jeni is just 5 mo old..