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Hey LouAnne,
I updated my blog early tonight, so you can get to bed earlier than usual. LOL!!! Sorry, couldn't help it. I just remembered that you said last week that you couldn't sleep until you read my blog every night. I figured you're probably tired from staying up late all these nights waiting on me to post, so go ahead and go to bed early tonight and catch up on some zzzzzz's. LOL!!!!

Re: LouAnne


Looks like this can be the .08 club..

In the past three weeks this has been my loss, for March....
2/27 .08
3/13 .02
3/20 .02
3/27 .08

not much in a 4 wk period, but minus is better than a plus anytime... this time around it sure has taught me patience and tolerance.

the next 08 I have to shed to goal is probably going to take me another month, but thats ok, its just a #, and we love to play that number game. LOL...

Idon't plan on stopping WW, I made up my mind this time around to make a meeting weekly no matter what.

Re: LouAnne

I totally agree. I've decided I'm going to every weekly meeting too. I know if I even miss 1, there's a chance I'll miss the next one and maybe even the next one. That seems to be my pattern, so I just can't miss anymore. Even if I'm sick and can't get to my actual meeting, I need to go weigh somewhere and just be accountable. I'm not going to let the scale rule me this time around. I expect it to take much longer to lose this time around than it did the first time, but that's ok. I'll be doing this for life anyway, so what's the rush other than getting to go for free? I'm just taking it one day at a time, one foot in front of the other for now. :) I expect a lot of .8 and .2 or .4 losses myself. I even expect a few gains along the way, I just know it can happen even when I had the best week. I'm not saying it won't be disappointing when it happens, but I know enough not to think it can't happen. We can do this. :)

Re: LouAnne

Thats the way Aimee, your my kinda girl...

When I weigh in weekly I have no great expectation, hey .02 is better than NO .02 thats how l'm looking at it lately... so if it takes me until June to get off .08 then so be it...

I think with that mind set or attitude chances are we'll both have good weeks ahead of us..
Its a WE thing, i know alone I can't do this....
I need you guys, each and everyone, of you..

Re: LouAnne

I agree! Hey, even if we have to push each other, we're gonna make it across that line. We're all in this together. Nobody gets left behind that doesn't want to be left behind. We're in it to win it. Right?

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Re: Re: LouAnne


...er me too!