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Who goes there? I do, I post on the 20's, Food Finds, and Review Board the most...occasionally Vegetarian and sometimes Student Board.

I sometimes lurk around other boards and notice how mean people can be! The 20s boards are SO cliquey and catty it's more like high school...but say any of that to them and they'll attack you. The Newbie board people can be really mean too, and the General/Daily...it's so sad that they have nothing better to do than chew out someone who was genuinely looking for help, advice, support, etc.

However, some boards have people who are just the sweetest ever...I read the 200+ board and am amazed by their strength and support for one another and anyone who pops in that doesn't fit the criteria.

What boards do you post in, and what is your name? Mine is brittany0525.

Re: WW Boards

Hi Brittany, welcome! :) I don't get over to the WW message boards as much as I use to because of time, but I stop in to answer questions when I can. I like the recipe review, food finds and 100+ board. I've found there are a few people over there who like to ride a high horse, I usually just ignore them. Most are usually just looking for an audience. LOL! Not everyone is mean though, I've come across a lot of nice people too. It's just those few people who tend to spoil the experience for everyone else, which is sad. I learned a few years ago (over a discussion of fat free coolwhip and what it's made of) that you just can't please everyone, and someone, no matter how much you ignore them has to be absolutely right. They think that because they don't eat it, that nobody else should either. LOL! Luckily I don't encounter these people too much anymore (or I've learned to block them out). LOL! Then there are the people who jump all over the new people because they asked about something that was discussed in depth a month ago. I see stuff like that and think... "well, they weren't here a month ago and maybe they don't know how to search the archives. If you don't want to answer it again, don't say anything, or point them in the right direction". LOL! Some people find it their mission to be involved in every topic on the board too. I feel like if I don't have anything to say on the matter, or anything constructive that might help, I move onto the next topic. Over all, I usually just stay out of stuff when it starts getting nasty. I figure if it's not my fight, it's best to mind my own business and not add anymore fuel to the fire. :) The nice thing about having my own message board... if any of those people find their way over here and abuse my nice friends, I'll just block them. :) BTW, I go by icecreamaimee on the WW message board. Maybe I'll see you over there sometime. :) You're welcome to come here and post anytime. When you get a chance, tell us more about yourself.

Re: WW Boards

Brittany = Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! from me: JeanCat
That is HOW I ended up here only two weeks ago, and NOW I have a thread that Aimee invited me to do weekly!

I was on the boards and did like Aimee: kept my self out of anything that wasnot my biz, but felt the tension and rudeness. I sort of messed up on my wt loss and got back into the swing of things this Jan 2007 after about 7 months or so being away from the boards.

WHEN I cam back I was just begining to use the site food counter and recipe finder, then I made my way back to recipe review and other topics. I asked what is PB2 and I then read some more posts in a different thread that made me cringe and I realized that the next poster would probably attack me for not knowing!. Some one was kind enough to direct me to jenz site that I have posted here on this site, for PB2 that led me to THIS:Aimees site.

I post here, more than I have ever posted on WW board. Last Saturday I had an after the meeting, after the newbie meeting with the Leader. Iasked her why the boards were not moderated. She said that the instructor's boards are just as back biting and she does not post either!

As soon as I found out all I could from Bell Plantation about PB2 I ordered it. Then I went back to my original question post and I stated that I had found out.

I recall stating 'don't anyone get their panties in a bunch'. So I had it a bit easier than others who had posted. But there were still a few rude comments after I posted that I found the site. I also thanked who ever it was who gave me the link. Man! I need to go back and find out who that was....WHAT a favor.

The way I figure it WW costs $9.22 perweek with etools is still cheaper, and I have access to lurking for recipes, recipe builder, tracking points, graphing wt loss etc. and LURKING the boards or posting here and there if I wish. At this time I am so satisfied with THIS board I haven't been there much. But I do lurk aboutonce a week and am here daily IF that tells you anything!

I am not a My Space blogger. I do not have a space. But I enjoy reading Aimees website and stuff. I only wish to welcome you and tell you that I have never seen any 'ugly/mean' on this board. And I am so happy to hear that Aimee will boot 'ugly/mean' out!

Thank you AIMEE!
Thank you Brittany!


Re: WW Boards

LOL! Hey, I don't always get over here to my message board everyday, but if ever sees any mean people, just email me and let me know. I think my mom tries to get over here most nights to read the board or check the messages left in my guestbook on my site. She calls me from time to time and says "Aimee you might want to answer such n such a question, or someone is advertising diet pills/sex stuff in your guestbook". So then I get on and take care of it. LOL! I figure anything I allow to stay on my site is a reflection of me and I don't want people to think I'm all for that kind of stuff.

As far as the WW message boards go, about once a week or so, I go there and do a search for my website to see what people are saying. LOL Shhhh don't tell anyone. :) Most of it seems to be good stuff, but a few times I saw some bashing about how I had gained all my weight back. I've seen them bash Dotti about gaining her weight back too. I wanted to post a response (you know, one of those "you don't know me or anything about what was going on in my life, and until you've been there yourself you shouldn't be talking" responses), but I decided not to. I was a little hurt by it and I'm sure if Dotti reads the wwv boards she is too (but then again, I don't recall ever seeing Dotti over at the WW message boards, so maybe she hasn't seen them), but I figured maybe talking about others is what makes them feel better about themselves. I'm over it now though. I know who I am, what I'm about, and what I need to do, so that's all that matters. :) And one day they just might find themselves in the same position. When I lost my weight the first time I said "no way will I ever gain it back, why would someone go to all the trouble to lose the weight and then mess it up by eating?" But here I am. Another lesson learned in life.

Re: WW Boards


I haven't posted here as much lately, but when you redid the site I posted here a bit...so you'll probably find quite a few posts here of me though they're mostly pointless ;) I love it here!! I agree with everything you said about the boards...I normally go there when I'm bored or do have a real question, but I stay out of the big debates and fights...they're so trivial most of the time!

I'm glad that at places like this we have such nice, supportive people...and it's great to see how active it's getting!

Keep up the great work guys and thanks so much for all the support and smiles you give me and others!

Re: WW Boards

i have never been to a WW board and after reading this im glad i havent.


makes me nuts.

thank you aimee for creating such a postive & welcoming site.

from niccole, 2 weeks new to the board, joined WW on 2/15/07, 32 years old w/ husband $ 2 year old baby girl, down 14.8 pounds with 55.2 to go!

Re: WW Boards


i didnt mean for a "$" sign to be after my husband in my previous posts...i meant a "&"

just in case anyone thought im associating my husband with money :) hahahhahhaha i wish.

Re: WW Boards

When I started using a monthly pass for my weighins at WW, i was then entitled to etools.

The only positive thing I got from the 3 mo pass was of course just paying over $9.00 for my meetings, I did go on the boards at WW in the life time member area, and wow, what clicks, I thought I was back in highshcool... but the positive thing I got was a few were talking about aimees adventures and what great receipes were here, so curious me came to take a look, and here I am, and here is where I'm staying.

I'm canceling my next 3 mo etools, but with my WW meetings and these boards and Aimess' 2 cookbooks I have, I'll be AOK...
This is where i feel comfortable in my own skin...

Thanks again Aimee... you rock.........

Re: WW Boards

Tobe, I agree with you about the Lifetime board..I went there once and I decided that wasn't for me....they were putting people down ...acting like they were king of the road....Didn't sound like a fun place to be to me....

Re: WW Boards

Yikes, maybe there was a reason i only post and read recipe review. I am a vegeterain but never really seen any recipes on that part of the board, so i just stick with the recipe review one.

Re: WW Boards

Well I have posted earlier on this site and thread about my 'misadventures' on WW board with old-timers being rude to new comers who ask questions that have been answered multiple times but they could not have known since they are new.
I joined the etools before it was offered at the meetings. I really enjoyed them about 2 years ago. But then they got mean.

Well what I really wanted to say is that EVEN many WW Leaders were what we called 'retreads' who lost and gained and lost and gained until it clicked all at once! And they became lifetime AND a leader! So WHO the heck are 'they' who would talk about Dottie and Aimee?

I have gained and lost so many times I stopped counting. This is the first time that I can say it feels different! It feels right. Maybe becauase it is about health and life not about a swimsuit or a wedding!

I still use the recipe builder and I still take a look at the recipe review boards. I didn't even know they had a 'FIND' section per se, but I must have viewed it sometime or another, it must have been in the back of my head when I named my thread to JeanCats finds. I am seriously thinking about renaming that thread to JeanCats Favorites because most of the finds you all have already found!:) I sort of wanted a thread for finds, but mainly to address the needs of the newbies who find WW and this site.

I probably won't post over there much. And when I have a nagging question I will most likely post it here.

Tracking, Charting progress, recipe builder, Access to RECIPES!!!! and TOOLS on line etc etc anything that is not the message board ***** is still reason for me to go there. But right now with the use of this site the biggest reason is: Price! Second is EASE of paying and quicker at the weigh in at WW meetings.