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Pledging to stay on the Beam today March 30th

I'll get this started this morning. This is a good way to dump whatever you feel, and if you need to come back into this thread numerous times during the day, feel free to do so... it works with all of us together, working towards the same goal...

I'm promising myself and all of you that I plan an On Program day today.

I'm starting it off with my journel, so I know exactly what I'm putting in my mouth for the day.

I'm off the the tanning salon to get more color, I live at the beach, and any day now its going to be the season, thats where I go daily, and I find my serenity within when I see the dolphins swimming along in the ocean..

I do make sure I have my breakfast and lunch with me, so when I come home, beat haha from laying around, I know that I got some of my points in for the day...

I can't wait to get into a bathing suit this season, last year I would have said, oh my god, i have to put a bathing suit on, and just dread looking in the mirror, I'm so glad I went back to WW in Oct, and got the lbs off for this coming beach season...

So today I will stay on the Beam..

Re: Pledging to stay on the Beam today March 30th

Thanks for starting this Tobe. :)

I'm promising myself to journal and drink all of my water today.

I have to go to walmart and return something and do some other errands, but I'm hoping if I have 20 minutes or so I can stop off at a park and take Riley (my dog) for a walk. I need it and I think he'd really enjoy it.

Today, I will also stay on the Beam (move over Tobe so more of us can get on that beam) LOL!!!!!