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points of no return!

Jeez! We must all be having a crazy week! I went to weigh in this morning, and I am down only .6! Yeah its down, but it is crazy that we nearly are all losing only points of pounds!!! Oh well, cheers on the water glasses to better results next week...

Re: points of no return!

Has to be the change in the weather,
the scale is sticky.......


I got on my scale yesterday, I'm over a lb below goal, thats what my scale said, but we'll see on Tues what WW has to say....

Re: points of no return!

I still think it's a conspiracy, but the sticky scale is pretty funny! LOL!

Hey Meg,
.6 lost, congratulations! I'd love for all of us to have big losses next week to make up for these .(insert number here) losses. But if it doesn't happen, well, we'll still keep moving forward. It's got to work itself out at some point. :)

Re: points of no return!

YEAH! I agree! This was a small loss for me of 0.4 lbs. But then I had a two week straight of wt gain =0.6 post flu and dehydration, where I had lost 4.5 lbs. Any way this is the first time my home TAYLOR FAt Anylizer scale did not say the same thing as the WW scale!
Yes a conspiracy!