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Who's with me staying OP today March 31st

My plan today no matter what comes along, I'm going to stay on my Program today.

With a lot of water included....

For me WeighIN is on Tues, I want to break that .08 and hit goal.....

Tell me what plan you have today to stay OP.

Re: Who's with me staying OP today March 31st

i promise myself to stay OP today by planning planning planning. i have no trouble drinking water, so that takes care of ONE thing. besides planning, i shall write down everything that goes in my mouth.

Re: Who's with me staying OP today March 31st

My plan to stay on program today is to remind myself that even though that scale hasn't moved for a bit, my health is getting better.

I can handle most of the other stuff, it is just a matter of overcoming that scale negativity!

Re: Who's with me staying OP today March 31st

Good for all of you for having a "plan"....If you don't have a map of where you want to be, how are going to get there????? Just a thought....


Re: Who's with me staying OP today March 31st

Walked when i was sooooooooooo tired, told myself i was not hungry and waited 20 minutes to see if the "feeling" passed ( it did) and now going to yell at Denise Austin,as she says, "squeezeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Sending good thoughts everyone's way!

JeanCat STAYED OP Today with YOU today on March 31st

HI all!
It is 8:24 PM in CA.
I had a great day. As most of you know I get to the computer in late night or early morning hours AFTER all the hoopla here on the site and my posts are then old or stale or not so new infor or feelings or input! :( But I have to post for my own comittment.

So I had a great day!

At two different WW meetings because I forgot to ask the questions that we all had spoke of I went back, first at the Sat 11:30 am then the 4pm one! I will post on that stuff later.

At the meeting one of the membrs gave me a Resturant name and location for LOW to NON Fat Chinese food! A WW member had done all the points for the resturant. The owner is not Asian but he wants to have a healthy alternative to Chinese cooking. He does a fabulous job.
Fotune Cookie on Los Alamitos in Los Alamitos California just south of Katella.

I do not weigh before weigh in on WW weigh in day! After the meeting I had 5 pts worth of BBQ Pringles and 1 - 20 oz water with Crystal Light Cherry and pomegranite.

I had a Veg Bean Curd Soup of 0 points, but there was Tofu and corn so I figured it to REALLY be 1 pt. I took Half of it home, mushroom, pea pods, water chestuts and bamboo shoots, baby corn and carrots. NO FAT!!

I added 1 small teaspoon of Chinese chile and 1 TBSP of sweet and sour sauce and this added 1 pt.

GARLIC Chicken 1/2 order = 4 points has mushroom, pea pods, water chestuts and bamboo shoots. They were out of brown rice so I had 1 cup white for 4 pts. Brouth the other 1/2 order home.

Cost was $17.50 plus tip came to $21 or $10.50 per meal!

So far only 15 pts all day and quite satisfied. But I will get in all of my points. Wish it wasn't so late though. I plan on having frozen Chocolate Yogurt. (You may recall that I am lactose tolelrant, but that's is another story)

WHAT REALLY made my day was that TODAY I began a NEW 3-month food journal! I had written EVERY since Jan 2, 07 . I feel very good about this because I would start to journal every week and then stop on or after day 2 of the week. Start again with good intentions, but never follow through. With the exception of a few days I journaled throughout my 3 months!

I made 10% and 16 weeks about 3 weeks ago. But I had been very ill with a flu and I gained the last two weeks (my first two weeks here!) +0.6 each week and THIS week I lost -0.4 lbs. So another gready part of my day!

I went to two meetings, tried a new resturant, ate healthy, stayed on OP, started a new journal book, lost weight, met a new WW friend, exchanged recipes for the resturant find, journaled, and am 'meeting' with you ALL now!
So I stayed OP and had a great Day!

Funny how the last two weeks I couldn't share that my last two weeks were not good and I had gained.

I visit my 92 yr old mom and my sister tomorrow. I hope and plan to say OP with you too!

Love yas


Re: Who's with me staying OP today March 31st

I had a great day today too! Stayed OP and didn't exceed my points. Evenings have been my downfall--I'll start mindless snacking and negate every thing I worked for all day.
I'm trying to stay more focused, to stay more busy and not play couch potato. With spring here, there's so much to keep me busy outside--and away from the temptations (of boredom.) Here's to tomorrow!(really, it's today already!)
JeanCat--wishing you a special April 1st! Glad you're numbers are going in the right direction!

Re: Re: Who's with me staying OP today March 31st

Thank you so very much Mary!

Down down Down! Wt, pts, Bp, sugar and TRG!
The only number that is supposed to be up is the GOOD cholesterol! That has not moved yet!

Mary I feel very connected to you, I am wising you a non-snacking Sunday night!

IF you find yourself snacking or thinking about it, which I do not think you will, but if you do, just think of me, who will be thinking of you, if I think of snacking too! :0 :) :)

Really I didn't think this was going to rhyme, but since it did I left it.