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New Here!

I have read these message boards alot, but this is the first time I posted. Aimee and I have a lot in common actually. I too lost over 100 lbs on Weight Watchers, shortly after I got married and had my first child...and gained all my weight back, I am back on program and ready to lose!

I bought both cookbooks, I have tried many recipes in it. My family never even knows it's weight watchers...Tricky me!! I just made the Buffalo Chicken Dip and my husband and son love it! Thank you so much Aimee!!!

So hopefully I will keep posting here, I feel alot more welcome here than I do on another message board...not mentioning any website!

Talk to everyone later!

Re: New Here!

Welcome Aboard TeriLynn

Pull up a chair and type your little heart out, we're all here for one another.. yes this is different than the other "board"


Re: New Here!

Welcome! I was at my heaviest April 1, 2005 when I almost had a stroke. I am 52 and Tomarrow I celebrate finding WW again and saving my life. My left leg became three times larger than my right. Most likely a clot that my actions because of my medical background my body helped to pass and dissolve. Subsequently my complete physical showed Triglycerieds TRG's off the map they could not read them. 14 lbs later I got them down to 695 and now 494.STILL a walking stroke ready to happen, I am determined to get them down to normal by the end of the year. Who knows?

So today/tomarrow April 1, 2007 is a BIG day for me.

Love and prayers and a big welcome!

Re: New Here!

Welcome!! Welcome!! TeriLynn
I too have alot to lose and I'm glad I found Aimee's website. With the support of all the great people here, we can put on our ruby red shoes and head down that yellow brick road!!! Glad to have you along!

Re: New Here!

Hi everyone..glad to have you all aboard the boat....Just keep paddling and we will get to our goal before we know it...Keep posting whenever you want..Nobody will bite your head off like some of the other boards...I'm sure you will love aimee's cookbooks..Mine is just about worn out....or at least the cover shows that I use it very often..Nice to meet you all..Good luck...