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I am new too!!!

I have been watching this site for quite some time now and honestly have been afraid to join in, some of the places I have viewed are pretty harsh! I also have lost weight on WW's (50+ lbs) and gained about 25 of it back. My father became very sick last year, so there wasn't anytime to worry about myself and finally in November the Good Lord said that he had punished enough and took him home. This has been the most difficult thing that I have had to endure. I am also an emotional eater like I have read from some of you and I am trying to get focused again. I joined back to ww's in January and I'm currently down 15.5 lbs. I know that I could have done a lot better, but it seems really hard since I am re-losing the weight. I just can't get past the fact that I still have about 10 more lbs to go just to pick up where I left off. Anyway, I just wanted to say that this seems to be a real friendly, supportive site and I hope that I would be welcome to join in, I really could use some friends now. Aimee, I have also tried several of your recipes they are great! My fav so far chicken fr rice.

Hope I'm not intruding

Re: I am new too!!!

Let me be the first to welcome you Jen

Be assured you found yourself a kind, and very caring safe place to be, thanks to Aimee, for the work she put into to this for US...

Together we can all achieve our goal weight, cause we know the deal with loss and gain..
Iknow that well myself, I'm a life time member of WW where I achieved goal 30 yrs ago, but then I also know the yotoing of gaining again and losing again and again gaining.,.. yup I'm a yoyo

I went back to WW with my tail between my legs in Oct of 06, with 23 lbs back on, and this has been the slowest of slow getting it off.. but I stuck to it, and didn't quit, hopefully this Tues I'll get the last .08 off and be back at goal again..

This time I'm sticking here and in WW meetings weekly...

So again Jen welcome and hey love your name, I have a 5 mo puppy her name is Jeni-Lin...

Re: I am new too!!!

Hi Jen..nice to meet you and glad you decided to join us..We have very nice people who post here so don't be afraid to jump in whenever you want to.. About myself...I made lifetime about 4 years, getting 10 below my goal..Well, here I am almost up to goal and trying to get back down which isn't easy since my husband is retired now and we go out to eat more than we ever have...I try to stay on track when I can and do the best I can the others....Keep us posted on how you are doing...By the way, I'm aimee's mom....

Re: I am new too!!!

Hi Jen! You aren't intruding at all. Welcome!!! :) Please feel free to jump right in and post any questions, comments, thoughts, etc. anytime. Everyone is very friendly here. Congrats on what you've lost so far, I know it doesn't seem like much to you, but hey, you're way ahead of me, and down is better than up. :) PS, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I know that had to be rough.

Re: I am new too!!!

Hi Jen!

I am Jean Cat and I have only been a member of this site for about 2 weeks, maybe three. It has been VERY friendly here and I know we post our REAL emotions and issues. I am not sure what you meant by
"I have been afraid to join in, some of the places I have viewed are pretty harsh!"
Later you said:
"I just wanted to say that this seems to be a real friendly, supportive site and I hope that I would be welcome to join in, I really could use some friends now."

Well first of all, this is the most friendly group and the most supportive group I have ever found online. Thanks to Aimee and her mom Patty for keeping out the 'meanies and the meanness '.

I have never found a post on this site, since I joined, that is harsh. I am sorry that you have. I hope I was not part of it:)
Perhaps you were refering to other sites compared to this one. If so, I am sorry that I misunderstood.

YES you are most welcomed and you are NOT intruding. Aimee has this site for all of us to meet, greet and discuss.

Unike you I did not monitor the site and then post, I jumped right in. I did not introduce myself much. But within a week or two Aimee offered me to do a thread called JeanCats Finds. It is about new foods for low points and other things I have found that may help you. Since many on this site have been using much of what I am now finding, I decided may have to change it to JeanCats Favorites.

Either way I invite you to search for and read the JeanCat Finds threads. I usually post them on Sat or Sun nights. I also invite you to post your own adaptation of what Ihave written or for you to post your own finds. I am always looking for new stuff with low points!

Looking forward to more of your posts.


Re: I am new too!!!


I guess I should have made myself a little more clear about the harshness, I was referring to other sites that I have visited. It seemed like if someone asked a question about a prev topic or something some of the people were just down right RUDE! I have never noticed anything like that here, so I thought I would give it a try. I am completely new at this anyway, meaning I have never even posted on a board before, so I was a little nervous.
Sorry about the confustion!


Re: I am new too!!!

Dearest Jen,

I actually figured this might be the case. I did not want any other members to misinterpret as I might have. So I asked for clarification by showing you what I had misunderstood.

I am soooooooooooooooooo VERY HAPPY to hear that you have not found any rudeness on this site. I TOO found that on other sites.

As I always say: "So now let's get down to the weigh down!~ "

Love and welcome,