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Dear All,

Several questions of issue have been raised on this and the WW board site. In an attempt to clarify with a WW leader: I attended TWO different meetings with two different leaders on Sat March 31, 07.

The questions I asked are:

1. Use of ½ points: This question raised holy hell in a discussion of differing opinions. “But at the end the leader said what every helps you to stay on program use it. Personally I have lost all of my wt using ½ points.’ There were many life-timers and former life-timers with varying opinions.

FYI: POINTS as we know them did not exist in the ‘70’s . The plan was based upon Exchanges much like the diabetic diet. I recall having to eat liver once a week, 3 fish, meals, no more than 3 beef meals, 2 milks, 3 veggies a day no more than 3 sweet veggies in one week. Some time in late 70’s 5 or 10 bonus points came into the picture, but no counter. In the 80’s we got extra points. I do not recall how they were counted. I think I may have not been too active back then.

Soooooooooooooooo I count 1/2 points. I will be placing them on my recipes and in parenthesis I will say how many points if you round. Such as 0.5 or 1/2 point (or 1 point if you round). JeanCat

2. Next came the question about doubling the points when you eat two servings and or if you have to add a point. Here are the examples I gave:
If you have a serving of let’s say
Item A that has: 70 cals, 2 grams fat and 8 grams of fiber the points would be 1 pt If you had a second helping of Item A most of us would say that is another 1 pt, which in fact it is :
140cals 4 grams of fat and 16 grams of fiber = 2 ( I am using my electronic WW point calculator).
But watch what happens when you do this one:
1 serving = 140 cals 2 grams fat and 8 grams of fiber = 2 pts
Second serving = 280 cals 4 grams of fat and 8 grams of fiber = 5 pts (NOT 4)
So if we were to apply the double the points for double the serving rule then we would be missing that extra point and this could keep us from loosing at the scale, especially if we did this every day for one point at the end of the week that would be and extra 7 points or if using extra points 36 + 7 = 43 points! .

The leader said YES we should take a strong look at this when we are on a plateau especially. But for most people in the early wt loss stages, that the body will not notice this difference. However after the first 10% it probably would make a difference, depending upon how many pounds a person has to loose. Why? Because 1 point to someone with 20 lbs to loose is a lot while one point to someone with 150 lbs to loose is not that much. Once again this came down to working the program to work for you. But the leader tended to say that they must count the points from doubling everything no just the points.

Notice in both cases grams of fiber are well over 4, but the counters are made to only use 4 grams fo fiber. So the fiber being over 4 is not the reason as others have stated.

Now the argument to this is: if you ate the same thing twice in one day at different intervals you would have recorded 2 in the am and 2 in the pm NOT 5. So technically there is no real right or wrong way. The leader acknowledged this also. Again the leader stated there is no cut and dry rule but it should work for the person and be customized and individual.

I will take a strong look at this if and when I get to a plateau or when the wt is not moving very fast I will definitely use the higher point scale. Any recipe that calls for doubling that I post will have the higher end point used. If I fail to count the points correctly please feel free to kindly correct me. I am human.

3. The final question that I asked was about Core vs Flex how often and when can you switch. She was VERY definite about this: She said ‘ WE ARE TAUGHT do not switch until you have been on for one week, switch only every 7 days not 1 or more days apart. She then pointed to page 39 of the booklet #1 THERE it is in BLACK and WHITE.

I had been on core before and I KNEW this answer because I often heard my leader say this and I recalled it was in the book, just could not find it when it was being discussed on this site this past week. JeanCat

Okay THINK and BELIEVE what you WANT and WHAT you WILL, PRACTICE what you WANT. These are hot topics. We are all entitled to our own opinions and we will have different ones and much will be based upon our own experiences and wt loss travels and our role models which was the topic for this past week.

If you submit a recipe to AIMEE for her book, you should know that she has the right to calculate the points differently. My suggestion is to give the information for everyone to recalculate the points to their liking or to have them all done one way. I am sure Aimee has that down pat. :)

Which brings me to ONE thing that comes to mind the leader said it really does not matter which you choose to do on #1 and #2, what matters is consistency for that one person. What works for one will not necessarily work for another.

Most respectfully to all,
Just reporting, just the messenger!

Jean Cat

PS you will find this on the thread of JeanCatFinds#2 and here a stand alone since some may not have beenon that thread.


Thanks Jean cat...some very good points you covered...Sounds like you could be a good leader....



Thank you Patty! Very kind words.

I currently do teach, and if I ever get to goal and can maintain for a year, I think I would like to pick up a few hours as a staff member and who knows may be a leader.

But for now I will settle for any wt loss I can get! :)

Thank you again,