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JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

JeanCats Finds of Week April 1, 2007

Well I probably will change the name of the thread in a couple of weeks to JeanCats Favorites. I will continue to post some new finds, but I am hoping the change will encourage you all to share your favorites of similar recipes and items. Frankly while I am excited about my finds, most of t he old-timers are bored since they found what I have found long ago.
I am hoping to keep the thread moving and especially for newbies.

I wanted you to know I spent hours at stores this week just for you all. ) I bought some stuff that I know I would not have looked twice at. I will be reporting on that stuff next week in thread #4. Some was good and other stuff was not.

I am committing to Week 13 April1, 07 for me. I hope you will too, and I join Tobe in this weeks commitment!
I welcome all new members to this board and all new WW members especially.

At the end of my thread will be links to previous JeanCat Finds for you’re a quick review or toggle.
IF you truly like the name of the thread as it stands: JeanCat’s Finds please let me know. If you think it should be changed to JeanCat’s Favorites let me know. If you have other suggestions please let me know.

This week I found myself on a mission! It was to try to make some recipes with Classic Italian flavors.
I owe AIMEE a special Recipe and I will place that recipe on two threads. One for her to find easily and one here. In addition, I believe the monkey in me needed to get back to Tammy! So that will be in this weeks thread as well.

Please keep in mind a few things:
April 1, 2005 I had a major life altering experience with my left leg swelling up three times larger than my right. Thanks for my pharmacology background and quick thinking I probably saved my own life and from having a stroke or MI.
Today I celebrate 2 years ago that this happened and that I began a healthier way of eating and found WW AGAIN after a 12 yr absence, in June 2005.
My main food interests are therefore:
1. Getting more ‘bang’ for my point!~ That means more satisfying food for the LOWEST points.
2. LOW to NO FAT food over higher fat /better tasting food. LOW or NO Cholesterol
3. LOW Salt or NO Salt food to prevent Bp from rising, it is under control now.
4. LOW to NO sugar, I am metabolic syndrome, which means pre-diabetic. So Splenda and Equal are my friends.
5. MORE veggies, I hate them or should I say MORE sneakier ways of getting them in my daily food plan.
6. Finding the BEST Substitutions for old world ingredients.
7. Finding NEW foods or items or information to use for myself and to share with others to help others.

Well here goes another week of JeanCat’s Finds.
Please let me know what you think.


Jeanetta = JeanCat

PS it really takes a long time to put this together, my future threads will probably be a bit shorter. J

JeanCat Find Thread #3 -17 JeanCats Sweet Snack of the Week

JeanCats Sweet Snack of the Week
April 1 , 2007

Jean Cats Snack Find of the Week
Orville Reddenbacker’s Gourmet Popping Corn
Carmel Corn Mini Cakes
6 cakes = 1 serving = 1 pt
60 cals,

1 pkg has ‘about 7 servings
1 pkg = 8 points by ingredients (420cals+0 fat+7 fiber)
1pkg = 7 x 1pt = 7 pts by multiple servings

I love them and respect them, but there are times I can’t eat just one serving! Once the whole foil bag is open the freshness goes out overnight. I placed some in small plastic snack sized servings, but they get soft.
IF any one has a trick on keeping this fresh please let me know.
Until then I have to PLAN to eat the whole bag for 7 or 8 points.


Find # 3 – 18 Spice/Herb Find of the Week:

Jean Cat’s Spice/Herb Find of the Week:

Fennel: ground or seeds. But a different source of information tells me that it is both an herb and a spice.
What does it look like when its growing?: A hearty vegetable with a thick, bulbous base and celery-like stems that grow upward to 5 feet tall. It has a sweeter, more delicate flavor than anise.
Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) http://www.theepicentre.com/Spices/fennel.html

Fennel is a perennial herb that has a very light licorice taste to it. A bit like sweet anise, but not quite as strong. It is used traditionally in European Rye Bread, Italian sausages and German dishes and many fish dishes. The bulb of the plant can be used as a vegetable side dish.
It is one of the Chinese 5 Spices and used in Italian Sausages.

I love the seeds. Make my own tea. And I make my own sausages!
I looked up the pharmacological action of Fennel is relief of bronchitis or asthma. It is also employed as a diuretic, and still others use it to improve the milk supply of breastfeeding mothers.

I did check my personal and professional knowledge against that on the internet and I could find no difference.

If the seeds are brown or green in color they are fresh, and then they slowly turn to a dull grey as thee ages. For cooking, green seeds are the best.

Stay tuned on this thread for a recipe that I will give using this special seed.


Find # 3 – 19 Jean Cats Personal Cream Cheese and Garlic Spread and Dip

Jean Cats Personal Cream Cheese and Garlic Spread and Dip

First of all do you recall Jean Cats Find Thread # 2 from last week?
For Tammy I promised:
“But wait it gets better. But you will have to wait for Thread # 3 Hee! I AM a Monkey! Just wish I was a ‘little’ monkey!”
Here is the link to remind you:

I needed a quick easy, low point entertainment snack for a party at my home. I came up with this:
Rice crackers with garlic/herb cream cheese spread and dip.
I had found some tastier rice crackers in a health food store by ‘Mary’ I think, but have not been able to find them since. If any one knows where to get them please let me know, or the exact name.

The recipe I used:

The Rice Crackers that I found are: Sakata Seaweed Rice Crackers
3.5 oz package
1 pt = 8 crackers = 64 cals + 0.3 gram fat + 0 fiber + sodium 69
Cover 6 crackers with 1 / 2 tsp of FF garlic powder cream cheese and dip or scoop two crackers in ½ tsp FF sour cream each for a total of 2 points!!

Every one at the party thought I was cheating when I was really counting out points!
Could also be done with onion and onion flakes, I just prefer the garlic.
I no longer use garlic powder, I use McCormicks Herb and Garlic.
I also add a bit of dry parsley for more color.
And I use Fresh parsley for more breath control!

Let me know how you like it and what variations you do to this recipe

If you find and error in the points counting feel free to inform me. I am only human! :)
It the points are not something I can calculate I use the WW # 1 booklet or WW etools points finder.

Jean Cat

Find #3 – 20 Jean Cat’s Meal/Snack Recipe of the Week

Jean Cat’s Meal/Snack Recipe of the Week

BASE of the Meal/Snack Recipe:

1 Light Thomas English Muffin 1 pt
1 or 4 ounces left over or canned chicken or turkey 1- 4 pts
1 slice cut in half (for each muffin halve) Veggie Slice or your favorite cheese 1 pt
Top with 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp Shredded Parmesan cheese 1 pt
Total = 5 pts to 7 pts

Do not toast unless you want to.
Broil to melt cheese or Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes on LOW to MEDIUM power.

Add cream cheese cold or melted
Add dollop of FF sour cream as a topping
Olives or mushrooms or onions or all of them under the cheese on top of the poultry

Instead of the cheese: (be sure to calculate the added points)
Cream of mushroom soup (concentrate/not diluted)
NO FAT Chicken Gravy (bottled)
Welsh Rarbit sauce

What ideas to you have? PLEASE Share. But before you do read on!

Enjoy Jean Cat

Find #3 – 21 Jean Cat’s Muffin Meal/Snack Recipe(s) of the Week

Find #3 – 21 Jean Cat’s Muffin Meal/Snack Recipe(s) of the Week

So here are two variations of the basic cream cheese muffin in Find #19

JeanCat’s Personal Chicken Italiano Muffin Meal/Snack

LIGHT Thomas’ English Muffin Italiano (one split into two = 1 pt)
2 ounces left over or canned chicken or turkey = 2 pts
Spread each half with 1 Tbsp FF Garlic/Herb Cream Cheese Mixture (see previous posts) =1/2 pt (or 1 if you round)
¼ Cup Classico Italian Spaghetti Sauce = 1 pt
1 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese Shredded = 1/2 pt (or 1 if you round)
Total 5 points
Optional: Melt Veggie ‘Cheese’ Slice {like Smoked Provalone} = 1 pt or your favorite 1 pt cheese for 6 pts
Option: increase quantity of poultry of heartier meal and increase points accordingly.

Layer the cream cheese/garlic herb mixture, then chicken then cheese and place both on a plate. Heat on MEDIUM heat for about 2 –4 minutes depending upon your M/W. Then top with spaghetti sauce and return to heat for 1 minute on low or medium. Top with parmesan cheese.
Option: Heat muffin, cream cheese chicken, then add veggie slice and spaghetti sauce and reheat. Top with parmesan.
Option: Heat muffin, cream cheese, and chicken. Separately heat sauce separately and pour thermally hot spaghetti sauce over the veggie cheese to melt. Top with parmesan.

JeanCat’s Personal Chicken Mexicano Muffin Meal/Snack

LIGHT Thomas’ English Muffin (one split into two = 1 pt)
Spread each half with 1 Tbsp FF Cream Cheese with 1 Tbsp Ortega Chile bits = 1/2 pt
2 ounces left over or canned chicken or turkey = 2 pts
Mexican Salsa or Salsa Fresca 2 Tbsp = 0 pts
FF Sour Cream ¼ cup (split for two halves) = 1 pt
Total = 4.5 (or 5 if you round)
Optional: Melt Veggie ‘Cheese’ Slice {like Jalepeno Jack}= 1 pt or your favorite 1 pt cheese for 5.5 (or 6 pts if you round).

Layer the cream cheese mixture, then cheese and then chicken place both on a plate. Heat on MEDIUM heat for about 2 –4 minutes depending upon your M/W. Then top with cold or room temp salsa then sour cream.
Option: heat with bottled salsa then top with cold sour cream.
Option: increase quantity of poultry of heartier meal and increase points accordingly.

What really makes the difference? The cream cheese on the bottom spread first!


Find # 22 – Jean Cats Find – Spaghetti Sauce

Jean Cats Find – Spaghetti Sauce

Speaking of Spaghetti Sauce:

As you all know I have to watch my sodium and fat.
While MOST prepared canned and bottled Spaghetti sauces have 700 to 1500 mg of sodium a bit of a sleuth that I am found:

Classico Roasted Garlic or Tomato Basil (NOT the other basil) Bottled Spaghetti Sauce
Only 300 mg of Sodium per ½ cup
½ cup = 60 pts 0 fat

Perspective: we should take in no more than 2 gram or 2000 mg of sodium per day. Ave American gets 8 to 20 grams or 8,000 to 20,000 mgs per day.
Most canned and bottled tomato products are high in sodium.

Flavor of this sauce is authentic!
Ideas: can be doctored with other herbs, spices or ????

Enjoy !
Mangaste buono!

Jean Cat

Find # 3 - 23 Jean Cats New Item to talk about -Polenta

Jean Cats New Item to talk about

Actually this is an old item for me that may be new for you.
Polenta was a dish my mother made when things got rough, meaning dad was out of work, he was in construction and then in aircraft in California. A penny-pinching meal. Of course Mama Rosa made polenta from scratch cooking it a very long time to get it just the right smoothness and texture. We usually ate it like a porridge, called corn meal mush, with the sauce and parmesan or romano melted on top, not like it is sold today in a harder firmer cake like substance. But both ways are Italian! It is considered a poor man’s dish. But here in the states it recently has been recognized for its cultural heritage and many ‘upscale’ Italian restaurants have it on the menu. For me it brings back love of family and difficult times. By no means is it a great tasting food for me. But I have found others who LOVE it so I pass on to you what I have found:

Two ½ inch slices or rounds = 70 cals + 0Fat + 1 Fiber = 1 point!
Top with Smoked Provalone Veggie Slice or favorite melting cheese = 1pt
Smother with Classico Tomato Basil Sauce with fresh garlic added ½ cup = 1 pt
1 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese ½ pt
Heat in microwave on medium heat fro about 3 minutes or until cheese has melted and sauce is hot. Alternatively heat sauce separately, poor hot sauce over heated polenta and veggie cheese. And still alternatively at ½ tsp or 1 tsp to a fry pan and heat the polenta ‘cakes’ , top with sauce cover on low heat, then melt cheese on top, sprinkle parmesan.

This dish reminds me of what grits are to the US South. Of course different flavors, but similar texture and still a poor man’s dish. And most people do not like grits unless you are from the south! Sometimes you just get a hankering!

Mangaste buono!

Here are some links for your reading pleasure:

Find # 3 – 24 New Flavor on Old Item - Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches

New Flavor on Old Item Ice Cream

Today I found Skinny Cow MINT ICE CREAM Sandwich of course with dark chocolate graham. Still 2 points and delish! Wish I had them for St Patty’s day! Hee!



Find #3 – 25 Jean Cats Drink Find of the Week

Jean Cats Drink Find of the Week

Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate. Not too overly powerful like the punch is, lighter in taste but quenching. Not too tart not too sweet! But I prefer it with ½ Splenda envelope.

Trick: If you really love medium or sweet red wine, and would love some with this Chicken Italiano Muffin Meal then pour ¼ DRY red wine (burgundy) into a glass and add/mix ¼ cup or ½ cup with crystal light cherry pomegranate. 2 pts for every ½ cup of wine! Therefore ¼ cup = 1 pt Try mixing the crystal light with a sparkling water in a pitcher not in the bottle it will overflow from the fizz. Add ¼ or ½ cup ‘Sparkling” crystal light cherry pomegranate to ¼ or ½ cup DRY red wine.

Splash Tropical V8 drink at 10 cals per 1 – 8 oz cup Some times I add Splenda or equal fr a sweeter taste.

Find #3 – 26 JeanCat’s Thread Find of the Week

JeanCat’s Thread Find of the Week

I have only been a member of this site for about 2 weeks. So I decided to play catch up and read some old posts. I ready one from Tammy and it is the one post that made me think I should change my thread title from JeanCats Finds to JeanCats Favorites since so many of my recent finds are here on this list and so many old-timers know of them they are not new to them and therefore not as exciting. But when you read what is someone else’s favorites it puts a different spin on the way the material is presented and the ‘feeling’ one gets from reading it.
A great thread for NEWBIES this site and to WW.
Some of my favorite foods and pts values by Tammy · Feb 11, 07 - 1:12 AM

Great review of some low point foods. A tutorial on SWM for Newbies.

Jean Cat

Find #3 – 27 Jean Cat’s 2nd Thread Find of the Week: Sausages

Jean Cat’s 2nd Thread Find of the Week: Sausages

RECALL this thread and post:

Recall I told Aimee that I had a recipe for her! One that she would enjoy eating!

Look for the NEXT Post!

Find #3-28 JeanCats Finds - Jeanetta’s Personal Recipe: Maple Breakfast Sausages

Especially For Aimee KB!

JeanCats: Jeanetta’s Personal Recipe: Maple Breakfast
Sausage Patties or Sausages
As you all know I have to find LOW FAT and NO to LOW sugar alternatives. When my father was very ill and dying, I made all his meals using crock pot.

1 lb of ground turkey
Add a bit of Kitchen Bouquet Gravy Brown to crumbled ground meat before cooking. About 1/4 tsp to 1 /2 tsp
1/8 to 1/4 tsp of garlic powder
Maple extract 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp (more if you prefer)
1/2 tsp to 1 tsp fennel powder (Fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp Anise liquid flavoring or powder or 5 Chinese Spice can be substituted)
Optional: ½ tsp of Splenda from envelope

Option: Leave out the Maple for a traditional sausage.
Add pepper and salt to taste.
Add any other spice such as chile powder or 21 salute
Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of beef bouillon powder granules
Increase fennel or anise flavorings for a stronger flavor

Sweet Italian sausage:
Omit Maple: Increase fennel/anise flavor by at least two, increase garlic powder to 1/2 tsp add 1/2 to 1 tsp of either Italian herb seasoning (increase for stronger flavor).
Hot Italian sausage:
Omit Maple: : Increase fennel/anise flavor by at least two, increase garlic powder to 1/2 tsp add 1/2 tsp Italian herb seasoning , ADD 1 tsp chile flakes, ¼ chile powder

Optional: use fresh garlic
Optional: use 1 to 2 tsp of olive oil and count points.
Mix by hand well like you do a meatloaf. If you need moisture just add water or a bit more liquid KB.

Divide mixture in to 8 equal parts, roll each into a ball then flatten into a pattie: 8 patties Adjust points accordingly. 2 ounces of meat per pattie.
Fry in a pan with non-stick cooking spray (PAM), until done. Flip in the middle of cooking. Try frying a pinch of meat mixture to taste and adjust spices.

Serve with real eggs or Egg Beaters. Try it in the AIMEE or Jean Cat Egg McMuffin .

Makes a great low, fat low point breakfast and they can be made in advance then frozen if individually wrapped in plastic wrap then in a Ziplock with all air squeezed out. To use heat in microwave on 50% power for about 2 minutes and check; continue reheating until ready. May also heat in skillet.

Add fine bread crumbs to mixture or dredge/coat in fine bread crumbs. Adjust points. Then fry.
Roll into a cigar shaped form for a sausage instead of patty.
Add a small dash of cardamom.
Add a small amount of olive oil if you prefer a fattier sausage, adjust points.

I do hope that you like this recipe Aimee.
I made it especially for you in mind after reading the following link:

Please let me know what you think. Ratios have to be played with as you make the sausages. That is why I do a dime size patty test for flavor before I form the sausages.

Love yas,
Recall the purpose is low salt and low fat. While brands exist they are rarely low salt.
Recall Aimee wanting to know more about Kitchen Bouquet Browning Sauce: http://pub18.bravenet.com/forum/1520267441/show/1017143

( All of JeanCats Recipes are copyrighted, use for your enjoyment and personal use not to be mass distributed or profited by)

Find - #29 - JeanCats Information Finds

JeanCats Information Finds

Dear All,

I attended TWO different meetings with two different leaders on Sat March 31, 07. I wanted to ask themsome of the same hot topic questions that have been asked here with varying opinions:

The questions I asked are:
1. Use of ½ points: This question raised holy hell in a discussion of differing opinions. “But at the end the leader said what every helps you to stay on program use it. Personally I have lost all of my wt using ½ points.’ There were many life-timers and former life-timers with varying opinions.

FYI: POINTS as we know them did not exist in the ‘70’s . The plan was based upon Exchanges much like the diabetic diet. I recall having to eat liver once a week, 3 fish, meals, no more than 3 beef meals, 2 milks, 3 veggies a day no more than 3 sweet veggies in one week. Some time in late 70’s 5 or 10 bonus points came into the picture, but no counter. In the 80’s we got extra points. I do not recall how they were counted. I think I may have not been too active back then.

2. Next came the question about doubling the points when you eat two servings and or if you have to add a point. Here are the examples I gave:
If you have a serving of let’s say
Item A that has: 70 cals, 2 grams fat and 8 grams of fiber the points would be 1 pt If you had a second helping of Item A most of us would say that is another 1 pt, which in fact it is :
140cals 4 grams of fat and 16 grams of fiber = 2 ( I am using my electronic WW point calculator).
But watch what happens when you do this one:
1 serving = 140 cals 2 grams fat and 8 grams of fiber = 2 pts
Second serving = 280 cals 2 grams of fat and 8 grams of fiber = 5 pts (NOT 4)
So if we were to apply the double the points for double the serving rule then we would be missing that extra point and this could keep us from loosing at the scale, especially if we did this every day for one point at the end of the week that would be and extra 7 points or if using extra points 36 + 7 = 43 points! .

The leader said YES we should take a strong look at this when we are on a plateau especially. But for most people in the early wt loss stages, that the body will not notice this difference. However after the first 10% it probably would make a difference, depending upon how many pounds a person has to loose. Why? Because 1 point to someone with 20 lbs to loose is a lot while one point to someone with 150 lbs to loose is not that much. Once again this came down to working the program to work for you. But the leader tended to say that they must count the points from doubling everything no just the points.

Now the argument to this is: if you ate the same thing twice in one day at different intervals you would have recorded 2 in the am and 2 in the pm NOT 5. So technically there is no real right or wrong way. The leader acknowledged this also. Again the leader stated there is no cut and dry rule but it should work for the person and be custome.

3. The final question that I asked was about Core vs Flex how often and when can you switch. She was VERY definite about this: She said ‘ WE ARE TAUGHT do not switch until you have been on for one week, switch only every 7 days not 1 or more days apart. She then pointed to page 39 of the booklet #1 THERE it is in BLACK and WHITE.

Please don't shoot the messanger!

Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

Are you looking for more PB2 recipes?
Try that thread which has a link for 'jenz' site which is how I got here. That site has quite a few and links to more recipes.

But if YOU develop a PB2 recipe, please post it here first.


Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

Jean Cat,

Thanks so much for sharing your favorites with us! I am glad I was a bit of an influence in your naming your thread Jean Cats Favorites!

That garlic spread sounds so yummy! We love garlic in our house!

Thanks again for all of your time in posting so much valuable info!

Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

Yes, I totally agree! I want to say thank you as well. I know it takes a lot of time to put this together for us every week and I REALLY appreciate it, as I'm sure many people here do.

Thanks again!

Re: Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

Dear Tammy,

Sooooooooooooooo you are the inspiration! Well I am wondering if Jean Cats Finds should be changed to Jean Cats Favorites ? Seems like When I find something everyone already has found it! :) but I want to do what the group prefers. Should it be changed or ??

Now about the garlic dip or spread: use McCormicks HERB and Garlic and add some parsley for color.

Can add real bits of garlic too!

Adding FF CR Cheese and FF Sour Cream together in a magic bullet or processor is devine as well!
Also great on potato topping or for a low fat or non -fat potato skin. A bit of ICBINB spray and to die for!

Love ya

Re: Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

Thank you Aimee!
I want you all to know that my mom suffered a heart attack last night and I will be in and ot of the site depending upon the progress. Being here is keeping me from gorging and binging yet I have to get on the road to see her about 2 hrs away. Was there last night too.
Outcome is bleek.
Due to this and the holiday Jean Cats Finds will be on a 'vacation' this weekend, but back the following week.

I hope some discussion will be generated as people try some of the quick snacks and finds.

Let me know if you want favorites or finds in the thread titile.

Love ya


Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

So sorry to hear that JeanCat. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

I'm really sorry to hear about your Mom JeanCat. Our thoughts are with you and your mom. Please keep us updated on her progress when you can. Don't worry about the thread or us, just take care of yourself and your mom. If you need anything at all, let me know. *Hugs*

Re: Re: JeanCats Finds - Thread # 3 - 4-1-07

Thanks Aimee!

I CAN tell you that the Respirator/Ventilator was removed yesterday and that 2 Liters of fluid in the lungs were also removed and she is breathing on her own, but that the rest is up to GOD!
More than likely she will recoverenought to go to a short term nursing facility to bring her up to a level in which she will either go back home to my sister's house or to a nursing facility long term. No one knows! But she has a great outlook. She says her days are numbered and that she knows she will be in and out of hospitals until her last day.

IF she can make it over the next 48 hours she has a greater chance of the recovery process. So this is a critical time.

I will celebrate with the BEST thread ever when she gets out of the woods. Promise!

LOve yas