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Staying on Program April 1st

Today I have a bday party to go to, and my plan for the day is:

Eat lunch before I go, and if I feel the least bit of temptation I know to remove myself from it, and just bid a nice goodbye...

Last nite I was out in another mtg, and they had the best looking ice cream cake there, I had my 2 pt WW bar, the new one, salty and sweet, it was great, I ate it, and when the mtg was over I went home....

So today I do plan on staying 100% OP..

I have a weigh in on Tuesday, maybe or maybe not I lost that last .08...

I'm not going into the area of any GREAT Expectation

Re: Jean Cat Staying on Program With Tobe for Week of April 1st

I have NOT been to bed yet. Just finished the JeanCat Find Thread!
Working on it since 7 pm.

I have to finish some stuff for taxes then drive for 2 hours to visit my mom.

I plan to stay OP but have no clue where I will be or what is in that house.

But I have my care stuffed with WW bars. Sweet and Salty is one of my faves, but I MUST have the chocolate carmel 1 pt bars.

I will also bring with me the left over Veg Bean Curd soup of 1 point.

Got to go now,

Thanks for beginning this thread!
Jean Cat

Re: Staying on Program April 1st

I also plan on being OP today. I ate a 5 pt breakfast, and a Chicken Club Panini for lunch for 7 pts. I am leaving to go clothes shopping (eek...) in a few minutes. I'm not really looking forward to this...I'm sure I won't find anything to fit, and I really hate to buy new clothes, but nothing from last year fits that great. I would look pretty silly showing up for work in sweaters when it's 80 degrees out.

I just hope I don't get too depressed today :(

Hope everyone has a wonderful OP day!

Re: Staying on Program April 1st

I plan on being OP today, especially after yesterday. I'm getting ready to head for Subway for lunch. Then I might take Riley for a walk if it doesn't rain and my ankle isn't killing me too much. Rick also wants to try and see a movie today, so I guess we might do that (although we always say we will, then we don't, so we'll see). After that I have to work (which I'll be doing all evening). Good luck to everyone today!

Re: Staying on Program April 1st

At 3 am I finished the rest of my chinese dinner from last night only 4 points!
I KNOW you are all saying 3AM is she nuts?
Well in one word:

Love yas