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Another day on Program everybody with me April 2nd

I must confess I went a little overboard last nite with 2 extra no pudge brownies, I don't think I did any damage, but... I should have stopped with 1...

Now I know I can't make a pan and have them sitting around, making 1 at a time works better for me!!!

Today I will not have any extra anything....and I will stay on program 100%..

I have a weigh in tomorrow morning....

JeanCat's on OP with YOU Tobe on April 2nd!!!!

I plan on OP on April 2, 07
I confess that I ate three pork chops when I should have had only one. Since my week is just beginning I will count them in my 35 extra points ...now I have to see e how to count them.
Brought PB2 to my sister and she was not impressed. Man did I not see that one coming! But she sure can make a great pork chop! These are thin ones. She is diabetic and cooks accordingly.

I plan on having Veggie Ground with cream cheese on top of Light Thomas Eng Muffin and some WW carmel bars some time during the day. Some students are graduating and I am expecting a big pot luck. So I while I can not know what will be there, I will look over all foods and plan what I will take and how much.

Thanks !
Everyone have a GREAT OP April 2,2007


Re: Another day on Program everybody with me April 2nd

I'm with ya! Here's to another day OP. :) I'm getting ready to have some ff, sf ice cream for 1 point. I've been wanting some ice cream and picked it up last night when I was at the grocery store.