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Cheat meals

Since I go it alone, this is one question that tends to bother me: do you occasionally have a cheat meal? I tend to have one every couple of weeks to jump start my metabolism, satisfy a craving, or to be able to go along with friends for some pizza.

I always try to schedule them so it's not just an uncontrolled binge. I also technically allow myself one a week (but don't normally feel like it).

However, I have a real hard time not feeling a lot of guilt over it, even though every other day I'm very well behaved. I know you folks have the flex points that help a bit, but I guess it's just harder for me to accept when I'm watching day by day calorie and fat totals.

Does anyone else do this? Should I feel so guilty?

Re: Cheat meals

Hi Amanda,
Well, since you don't use Flex points, it's not really cheating because technically you're probably just using those. But I say if you're still losing and if it helps keep you sane and on program all the other days of the week, then there's nothing wrong with it. :) You know what works best for you. Just don't do what I did a couple of years ago and let 1 cheat day turn into 2 cheat days, etc. Eventually I found myself cheating everyday. As long as you know the next day it's back to business. :)

Re: Cheat meals

Nope Amanda no guilt..
I go once every 4 or 5 weeks to Pannera Bread for lunch, I looked up their website and saw the caloric and fat intake of what I order..

ready for this... for a smoked hame and swiss sand, on a stone mill rye bread

740 calories and sit tight<<<<<< 36g of fat...

I splurge and have no guilt, and still go weekly to WW with a loss...

I do have a lite 3 point breakfast and a lite dinner,,maybe some WW yogart with a cup of fiber one in it...

We can't live in a cave while trying to take off weight....

Re: Cheat meals

Oh I hear ya on letting those cheat days add up! LOL I guess that's the part I'm most afraid of. I've done it before.

Although, I have to say getting on the scale and seeing a loss the next two days always keeps me motivated. I'm not sure if it's just water weight or an actual boost in my metabolism...either way I'll take it!

Thanks for the thoughts!

Re: Cheat meals

ready for this... for a smoked hame and swiss sand, on a stone mill rye bread
740 calories and sit tight<<<<<< 36g of fat...

Oh you just made my heart pitter patter lol. Sounds similar to my cheat meal. I'm just going to have it and enjoy it! (Can I borrow some points off someone? )

Re: Cheat meals

I'm going to need some of your points Amanda LOL...

but you know what?? A cheat is worth every bit of fat and every calorie.... why suffer??? we all work hard enough, we're entitled to one treat, once a month or so..
I wouldn't do this weekly no siree...

so my time for Pannera is coming soon, the last time I was there was about 6 wks ago or maybe longer... I have to drive 45 miles to get there.. lucky there isnt one closer, then I think there would be a problem...

Re: Cheat meals

Panera Bread is everywhere around here. They're popping up like McDonald's. LOL! I like their black bean soup, but I really love the asiago bread. Mmmmm. :)

Re: Cheat meals

I wasn't real hot on their food the one time I tried them. I'd say I need to check it out again, but then again 700+ calories..gulp. I'll just remember I don't like it! lol

Re: Cheat meals

They have sandwiches and soups that will allow you to stay within your points. I usually get the "pick two" where you can get 1/2 a sandwich and soup. Go to their site and check the nutritional info. You'll find stuff that still tastes great and doesn't bust the points bank. :) I can't remember what I get when I go. I know I get the black bean soup and the sandwich is some kind of turkey sandwich. It's just been awhile since I've been there and can't remember.

Re: Cheat meals

Then I guess I'm lucky Pannera isn't too close to me.

I live at the Shore, on the Atlantic Ocean, and in the winter months its a ghost area everything closes up.., only the locals are here all year long, me included.

Come July and August its a zoo and they have the nerve to crowd our beaches LOL....

There is alot of new construction going on here, so maybe one day Pannera will rear its head for me.. LOL..

So for today no pannera for me...

Re: Cheat meals

I think cheat meals are essential to our sanity. But I agree with Aimee--they are best if they are planned for and you have to get right back on the horse the next meal/the next day. It's so easy to continue the slide.....and then here come the pounds.

I just shake my head as to why I can stay OP for a whole week and lose .2, but have one cheat meal and GAIN 2 pounds!!! I'm sure the sodium is higher in our indulgences, but come on--that's not fair!