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Loosing Weight is no picnic!!!!


I just read your blog from last nite, and read how your day went, at least you were aware of what you were doing, I can identify with that, and then proceed to do it my way..

My way is and was a disaster. For me when my points are used up I just head to bed.

I'm off to a weigh in soon, and I did step on the scale, I think I'm down .02, for sure that .08 to goal is still sitting on my belly LOL...

I did say a while back this .08 is going to take me till June to get it off... here I go again dribs and drabs of .02's...

I really have the desire to go 5 lbs under my goal weight, more or less a personal goal, and hopefully I can achieve that by June..
So instead of me working on .08 I'm working on a 5...

I'll check back later and let you now how I did, and what this weeks topic is...

over and out!!!! LOL......

Re: Loosing Weight is no picnic!!!!

Thanks Tobe. I did head for bed early last night. I was afraid I was going to eat and end up going over my points. I must have been tired anyway. I drank my water, got into bed around 1:00, started watching a weekly show I had taped, and I woke up at 1:18. My guess is I only watched about 5 minutes of the show. LOL!

Hopefully you'll lose more than .2 this week, but if you lost the .2, at least it's a step in the right direction right? Any loss is a good loss in my book. :)

I'm hoping to be down something tomorrow. My scale says I'm down a pound this morning (like 1.2 pounds to be exact). I'm not going to get excited though, because usually my scale says less the day before weigh day than it does on weigh day (I think my scale likes playing games with me. LOL). Let us know how you did.

Re: Loosing Weight is no picnic!!!! report on WW mtg

ok ready for this .......

LOST .02 LOL just as I thought, so now its .06 to goal..... I consider myself at goal right now, the next few that comes off is my bonus..

WW has a few new things out, a must to die and buy..
first the dark chock raspberry 1 point bars are the best, delish.. I bought a box $7.50

They also came out with Strawberry Banana Smoothie, that I got but didn't try it yet, I will later on..

I went to the Supermarket, what else is new, thats a daily trip..
WW came out with Pita Breads (big) 1 point 9gms of fiber 100 calorie... 4 in a pkg $2.49

I just had lite ham and 2%am cheese with lettuce and mayo... 3 points it was a good filling lunch...

Before lunch I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure, sandle season is here, well almost here, I tend to rush the seasons... I can't wait to get into a bathing suit and get my butt on the beach.

Thats a first me can't wait to get into a bathing suit. but my work paid off, giving time, time and patience this WW trip around..

It took 6 slow mo to lose the 23 lbs of blubber i had hanging on my body...

Hope everyone has a great loss this week......

Re: Loosing Weight is no picnic!!!!

LOL! Hey I go to the grocery store just about every day too. I bet a lot of here tend to do that. LOL! Mmmm dark choc raspberry. I might have to try those. I can pass on the strawberry banana smoothie. I'll make my own, but I am curious if it's good, so let us know. Those pitas sound great! Sounds like it's time for pita pizzas again. :) Woohoo! Well I'd better get off of here soon, we've got a storm heading in. It's really windy out and getting really dark. I'm guessing the rain is going to drop out of the sky any minute. I've got to get Riley outside to potty cause he won't go out in bad weather and this is supposed to last until at least 10 PM. See ya!