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Nutritionals question

First off I just wanted to let all the PB2 lovers out there that I made the "Peanut Butter Chews" from Aimees new recipies and it was delish! I used the PB2 instead of the Reduced fat peanut butter and it turned out great. So now my question is.... Is there a free online calculator that I could use to figure out nutritionals, Because they had to change drasticly by using the pb2 instead. And if any one was wondering, I just put the powder in, I did not mix it with water first. Thanks

Re: Nutritionals question

Hi Jena,
How much powder did you use? I can figure it up for you. Glad you like the chews. :)

Re: Nutritionals question

one cup of PB2 powder, thanks

Re: Nutritionals question

Well I tried figuring these up in Mastercook by just replacing the peanut butter with PB2, but something is screwy when I put the PB2 into the ingredients list. Mastercook tells me with the PB2 that they're still 2 points each with like 97 calories. I didn't think that sounded right, so I sat down and figured it up on paper and got 65 calories each for 1 point. I don't understand why I'm getting such a difference in calories. Has anyone else entered PB2 into your Mastercook program and gotten mixed results? I'm going to keep playing around with this. Here's what I got when I figured it up on paper....

Splenda- 48 calories, no fat, no fiber
PB2 - 432 calories, 22.4 fat, 2.4 fiber
Light Kayro - 462 calories, no fat, no fiber
Cereal - 360 calories, 8 fat, 36 fiber
Divide by 20 servings I get:
65 calories, 1.5 fat, 1.8 fiber