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anyone know anything about green tea

It was suggested to me to drink some green tea, to get my metabolism going, seems like my body is stuck..

ok I just went out and bought two half gallons of diet green tea, no calories, no sugar...

My ???? is

How much of this stuff is suggested to drink per day???

I already finished a bottle of the Arizona, Diet, I bought that also...

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Hey Tobe, I confess that I don't know too much about the green tea, although there is a green tea soda called Enviga (www.enviga.com is their site if you're bored)and they claim that you should drink 3 of those per day. I'm somewhat skeptical myself, but why not try it? Definitely let us know if it works!! :)

For myself, I find the best way to bust a plateau is weightlifting. If you aren't weight training, then maybe incorporate it into your routine. If you already do, then increase the weight and lower the reps. That combined with drinking at least 3 liters of H20 per day seems to help me!

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Like Mandee said, I've always heard 3 servings of green tea a day to help get a boost in metabolism.

I'm not sure I could do that much in one day without bouncing off the walls, but perhaps that's just what I need! LOL

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

I've been sipping it all day on and off.
its not that bad in taste..

I'll do it for one week and see what happens next Tues, if the scales bursts cause I finally hit goal..


Re: anyone know anything about green tea

What brand of tea did you get? I pretty much hate tea, but if it's not too bad, maybe I'll try some of it. It is cold right, not hot?

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Aimee its cold
I bought Arizona Diet.

I also bought the WAWA brand, we have tons of those quick stores here.

I'm giving it a week and see if it makes a difference, as I said I'm not a tea drinker, but this isn't too bad, it has no calories and no sugar, so its ok to drink and I don't think it has caffeine either... I wasn't ratteling by 3pm from the quantity I drank this eveniing its just pure h20

try it you just might like it, and I've heard a lot of good things about it, burning fat within the bod...

Re: anyone know anything about green tea it works

I've been drinking the green tea for 2 days now..
yesterday i got on the scale and it read 149.6
I just got on it now and it read 149.2

looks like its working, somebody who more or less is a nurtionist said it boosts the metabolism by 5%

I went to Trader Joes yesterday and got 2 more gallons.

I also found a new product for us.
Trader Joe Brand
Cheddar sticks parmesan or cheddar
good for dipping in salsa.

serving size 2 sticks

fiber 1
calaories 90
fat 3.5 2 points for a serving of 2

I just bit into one, omg they are sooo good, they're a good size also

I'm going to use 1 stick crumbled tonite into my salad, using 1 point..

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Tobe, I use the HOT decaf green tea bags.You can make your own tea and sweeten as you like. You can also make ICE tea. Don't throw out the Arizona containers IF you need to penny pinch!


Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Darn, I went to 2 different grocery stores last night and totally forgot about getting some tea. Maybe I'll swing by Trader Joe's this evening on my way to my parents. I'm going to have to pass on those cheddar sticks. They sound too good and I know I have no control when I have things like that. :) Congrats on the scale moving down. You might be onto something there. Maybe I can force myself to like tea. Oh I know, maybe I'll drink it through a straw, that will help me get it down faster. Or.... maybe I can add some sugar free Divinci syrup to it to help hide the tea taste. What do you think?

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Hi Aimee,

I'm a tea hater too, but the raspberry gardens green tea made by Celestial Seasonings is really good. With a little splenda it just tastes sweet and fruity.

I'm sure you could either brew up some iced tea or make sun tea with it if you prefer it cold.

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Thanks Amanda! I'll try that too. :)

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Hi there! I'm new to these boards, but I've been doing WW since November (well, my whole life if you count back that far, but have been on-plan since Nov!) I started drinking green tea a couple months ago, and I've noticed a pretty big impact as far as weight loss goes. I drink the Lipton green tea (hot tea bags). I was never a tea fan, but I really like this kind. Anywas, I just wanted to share that I really think the green tea helps :)

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Thanks Katie! It's good to hear actual testimonies for the effects of green tea and weight loss. :)

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

BTW, welcome to the message board Katie! Glad to have you with us. :)

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Try Lipton Diet mixed berry green tea (comes in a 12 pack of bottles) I was not a tea drinker before I tried this. Its really good.

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

OK, thanks Tina! I'll add that to my list. :)

Re: anyone know anything about green tea

Yes, I agree...

I have NEVER liked Green Tea, but my mom suggested I start drinking it because she has noticed a HUGE boost in her metabolism...so I figured I'd give it a shot...

She mentioned to me that they have flavored green teas now...so when I went to SWM I bought Lipton Green Tea with Orage, Passionfruit & Jasmine
and I also bought Lipton Green Tea Mixed Berry...
You get 20 bags per box....I brewed some with my iced tea maker and added a little liquid Stevia (natural sweetener) and it was YUMMY!!!!

I also bought Celestial Seasonings Decaf Mint Green Tea...I would have to say by far this is my FAVORITE!

Although, they are all DELISH!!!