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How to use up points without over indulgelgence in one food group

Hello there well first of all I am 2 days OP whoo hoo...but I just wonder how do you all get all your points in without using so many carbs.Seems to me all I have done is eat so many carbs(baked potatoe,hot cereal,popcorn,toast with diet bread)Also lunch was a lean crusine pizza. I have so many points to use up that I can swear I could get lock jaw trying to eat my points thru veggies and fruits.LOL.Also I know more protein would work too but other than my meals what kind of protein is quick and handy.I guess convience must be my key.Get it and get out!Thanks for all your help.

Re: How to use up points without over indulgelgence in one food group

Hi Cheryl
I'm a carb freak also, if I had my way thats all I would eat, breads and pastas.... but when I do use a carb product, such as bread, I read the nutrition label and try to get the least with the carb area...

In the morning I'll have a lite eng muffin with an egg, and the next day I alternate that with
1 cup fiber on cereal, mixed with a WW yogart.

Banana and maybe around 10ish an orange.

Today for lunch I'm having a grilled veg boca burger with a slice of 2% cheese on a lite eng muffin with let, tom and mayo.... or
Lean ham 6 slices, with 2% cheese let tom mayo in WW new WW pitas of

A grilled chesse sand with tomoato and ham or
good old tuna, and I use WW whole wheat bread, or now the pita..

snack a WW smoothie with more WW yogart it in..
maybe a 2 pt WW bar..
popcorn mini bag
5 pretzles
thats just some of the things I use when I feel like a snack...

dinner tonite is chicken fricasese with brown rice & veggis done in a lite soy sauce, and a very large salad....

at night when that sweet tooth kicks in, I have haystacks in the freezer or
no pudge fudge pops or
1 point no pudge brownie with WW icecream and lite cool whip....

I also try to use products with the lowest points

I also don't have that many points in the day, I'm only on 21
I also try not to use the extra 35 if I do maybe in the course of a week I'll use anywhere from 7 to 10 but no more..

I also exercise 3 times a week and I earn 3 AP each workout, those I use,.

So i guess your answer for the question would be read the labels on everything you buy...

You can make pizza on a FF tortilla or on a pita, and not use boxed food, they're loaded with sodium

A few more will be along to help you out also. check back,..

Re: How to use up points without over indulgelgence in one food group

I find the best way to burn points (isn't that a funny thought? A few months from now we'll be complaining that we don't get enough points). LOL! Anyway, when I use to get less points, I'd have egg beaters instead of whole eggs, now I have a whole egg on my lite english muffin with canadian bacon and slice of 2% cheese. If I wanted to burn more points, instead of using a lite english muffin, I'd use a regular english muffin. Instead of 1 point cheese, I'd use 2 point cheese. :) Condiments are a good way to add an extra point here and there when you want more points but not more food. I use to buy fat free margarine for zero points, now I use light margarine and count the points. I use to also buy the light bread that's 2 slices for 1 point, now I use bread that is 1 point per slice. You can add so many extra points into your day without really even trying. When you have an apple or other fruit, make yourself a fruit dip and dip your fruit in it. LOL! I know a lot of this isn't helping so much with the low carb thing, but I just want to share what I do so I'm not filling up on junk food all day long to get my points in. Oh, I've also been adding grilled chicken to my salads to get more protein. I also add diced ham, or bacon bits, some sunflower seeds and shredded cheese. That helps too. :) Hey, for quick and handy, how about string cheese? If you don't want to spend a lot of points, they make a light string cheese that's only 1 point. :) I truly wish I had your problem of getting lock jaw from eating too many fruits and veggies. I don't do so well in that area because I don't like a lot of fruits and veggies. I do eat more now than I use to though. LOL!

Congrats on being OP for 2 days. YOU CAN DO IT!!!