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I posted this message on another thread, but thought I'd post it by itself so you don't have to sit and go through everything....

I'm really sorry to hear about your Mom JeanCat. Our thoughts are with you and your mom. Please keep us updated on her progress when you can. Don't worry about the thread or us, just take care of yourself and your mom. If you need anything at all, let me know. *Hugs*

Re: JeanCat

Thanks Aimee!

For those who do not know my 92 yroldmom suffered a heart attack on Monday morning and the Friday before.

I CAN tell you that the Respirator/Ventilator was removed yesterday and that 2 Liters of fluid in the lungs were also removed and she is breathing on her own, but that the rest is up to GOD!
More than likely she will recoverenought to go to a short term nursing facility to bring her up to a level in which she will either go back home to my sister's house or to a nursing facility long term. No one knows! But she has a great outlook. She says her days are numbered and that she knows she will be in and out of hospitals until her last day.

IF she can make it over the next 48 hours she has a greater chance of the recovery process. So this is a critical time.

I will celebrate with the BEST thread ever when she gets out of the woods. Promise!

LOve yas
PS soemtime going to the 'puter keeps me sane!

Re: JeanCat

Thanks for the update JeanCat. Please keep us posted. I've been thinking about you today.

Re: JeanCat

Thank you Aimee!


Re: JeanCat


I am so sorry to hear about your mom, but I am glad that she seems to be recovering since she was able to go to a nursing facility.
I have been very busy lately so I am just now trying to catch up on all the threads.
Please keep us up to date on your mom.
I'll say a prayer for her and your family.

Re: JeanCat

Hi Every one!

Thank you for the prayers for my mom!
Today was she and dad's 56th wedding anniversary. Dad passed away in 2004.

Also she was up with assessment yesterday in the nursing home and today she was with a halter belt attached to a metal cord raised up to stand in between two metal bars place on each side as hand rails and made to walk although she can not stand on her own wt. The PT was there behind her with her wheel chair.

She is a trooper!

Take care everyone!

Hug your loved ones today and every day! Never know what tomorrow will bring!