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ok you all have me scared to go to my meeting tonight! (I did have a lot of hair cut off...so maybe that will help lol!) but yeah if aimee only lost .8 im terrified to see how i have done! i know it is losing all the same, but i want it gone faster! i have lil patience! (well some but not to lose 30 more pounds at .8 or less a week!) i will have to sell my son to continue the meetings!

Re: eee

Meg Dear easy does it.

It took me 6 mo to lose 22.4 lbs, talk about patience, mine came off in dribs and drabs, .08 is great how about doing a .02 week after week, but I knew eventually hindsight it would all be off.
I'm there, and I didn't give up, and just say I can't and won't do this, the only one hurting me is me..

Good luck with your weigh in...

Re: eee

I read about you guys losing like .08/.03/.02lbs. My ww only weighs in 1/2lbs. So talk about bummer. Many times you go and the darn scale says the exact same thing!

Re: eee

Actually, Jen I have been wondering the SAME thing! So I just thought everyone all meant 0.8 lbs and 0.2 pounds.


Re: eee

02 06 08 are just ounces

wish it was lbs... LOL..

Re: eee

I'm sorry, that's what I meant was ounces. But at my ww's it has to add up to 1/2lb before it shows up, so even though it is slow you still see progress the way your ww's does it.