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Good Friday, so whose staying on Program today, 4/6

Because this is a holiday weekend, I'm not giving myself permission to go off program..

I got through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas on Program and was excited to get back to WW to weigh in and see that loss through each holiday.

This weekend, is just another Fri Sat and Sun, even tho I'm going to a friends on Sun for Easter Dinner, I know what I can have and what I can't have..

I plan on a loss on Tues at my next meeting..

so today I am on Program 100%

JeanCat staying on Program today 4/6

I am comitting to program on Good Friday 4-6.
Since mom has been in hospital I have stayed on program except when I have been offered candy. I have eaten more than I should for points, but did not eat thehwhole pack age. So doing better than in the past.

Yesterday I ate a grilled chick sand at the hosp with a salad.

So far I have had 4 Morning Star 'meatless' Bacon Strips

Does anyone know if they are okay to eat raw? I like them like that but not sure if they are safe to eat this way.

Jean Cat

Re: Good Friday, so whose staying on Program today, 4/6

I'm staying on program for the holiday weekend too. My friend is off work, and we'll be going out a couple of times, but I'll pack my own snacks and meals.

This house is also a little chocolate egg free zone. I won't be eating an entire bag full like I did last year.

Stay strong Jean! I sincerely wish the best for you and your mother.

Re: Good Friday, so whose staying on Program today, 4/6

So far so good! I was cookin' away last night. I made the Krusteaz/Fiber One muffins-Cranberry Orange flavor. I added some cranberries and orange zest. They aren't bad. That was breakfast--1 point. Mid morning snack's a 2 point yogurt. A salad and a salmon croquette (part of that cookin' last night) is lunch. Not exactly sure of dinner--probably another salmon croquette with some veggies. So today should be good--I'll change that to GREAT if I can squeeze in some exercise tonight!

Re: Good Friday, so whose staying on Program today, 4/6

I'm on program 100% today. I'm not sure if I'm going to get my treadmill time in though. My knee is killing me today. I think it's the weather.

As for Sunday, no biggy. I'm going to my parent's house and since my mom is a lifetimer I already know there won't be any temptations other than maybe some cheeze nips (or something like that) she said she wanted to put out for the guys to get rid of. I can stay out of them though as long as I don't have even 1 (if I have one, then I want more, so I know to just stay out of them). I'm making mock deviled eggs, so I can shove one of those in my mouth a couple extra times if I want. LOL! I can have popcorn while we play cards later in the day, so I'll be fine.

I'm not sure about the bacon. You might want to see if there's an 800 number on the box and call them to find out. Better to be safe.

Re: Re: Good Friday, so whose staying on Program today, 4/6

What are mock deviled eggs?
Jean Cat