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Because I have so darn much to lose, I set a mini-goal for every 10lbs. So I'm pleased to announce that I just hit one!

30 pounds down! YIPEE!

For the last 3 weeks that scale has moved less than a pound! How darn frustrating. I broke out my cheat meal/metabolism booster strategy (I felt a tad guilty but really enjoyed it), and then that scale just dropped like mad over the past 3 days.

Thanks for letting me celebrate a bit!

Re: Mini-goal

Weigh to Go!


Re: Mini-goal

Congratulations!!! What is your cheat meal/metabolism booster stategy? Please share!

Re: Mini-goal

I just basically have a food that is normally off limits for one meal during a bad plateau. I try not to get too out of control. Like this week I had a ham sub w/out mayo, but I kept my breakfast and lunch super low cal and fat. I also threw in a few minutes of extra exercise.

Now I caution you, my seeming boost in weight loss may just be due to chance (not a real boost in metabolism). It may have been that those pounds were just ready to go. However, it seems to be a pattern for me, and I'm not opposed to fixing a craving once a month. I would also caution you not to just go hog wild for the whole day.

It just keeps me sane, and it has gotten me through a few nasty plateaus. It's about a once a month thing for me, and I know I'd slide quickly if I did it any more than that.

Re: Mini-goal

I've been doing the same.
Yesterday I went to lunch at Pannera, so we'll see what Tues brings when I go for a WI....

Green tea is working.... I dropped .04 in two days.

Re: Mini-goal

That's great Amanda! :) Woohoo!!!

Re: Mini-goal

.4 in two days?

Man I need to get some green tea! You only need to lose about .6 to be at goal right?

(3 gallons a day till weigh in! ROFL)

Re: Mini-goal

What if I take a bath in it???? whata think????

yup .06 to goal, as I sit here gulping green tea.
I have so many different types all bottle in my fridge you would think I owned a green tea business.


It seems to be working,

Aimee, I hate tea also, but this doesn't have a tea taste, in fact it has no taste. unless my taste buds are shot....