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On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter

I guess alot of you are getting ready for tomorrow in the Kitchen preparing da food!!!!

I'm going to a friends for dinner, so I'm not in da kitchen, or I should say the temptation room of the house...

I did buy some chocolate to bring with me, its been stashed in the closet, out of sight out of mind. we have the best home-made choc shop here, on the beach, and thats one place i do not go...

I do plan to stay OP today and then again tomorrow, my weigh in is too close, and i can't take the chance on any indulging... I'll drink lots of green tea, while others are having dessert... I'llbe ok, because I have a positive mind set....

I can do this.. and I will!!!!

Re: On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter

I'm on program today too (and tomorrow in case I don't get over here to say so). :) I'm up 2 pounds this morning. I feel really swollen and bloated. I'm sure I had too much salt yesterday and then I had popcorn last night, so that didn't help. I'm going to go get some green tea today. I looked at it at Kroger last night and they didn't have any, so I'm heading to Trader Joe's today.

Re: On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter

I am on program today too. I am skipping out on one little party because I know how much emphasis they put on food. The party is being held by some friends that all have the attitude of "one cookie won't hurt" and "french fries are vegetables."

I simply don't feel strong enough to cope with all the pressure. I decided I'll go see them on a weekday when there won't be so much food around.

However, I made a super yummy pizza today!
I used flat-out whole grain white bread (110 cals, 2g fat, 7g fiber). I sprinkled just a little garlic powder on the bread and put it in the oven for 5 minutes at 350. When the five minutes were up I pulled it out and spread it with 1/4 cup of spag. sauce (45 cals, 2g fat). I sprinkled around 1/2 cup of mixed cheddar and mozz fat free cheeses (90 cals, 0 fat). Then I topped it with just a few chopped pieces of onion and 8 pieces of turkey pepperoni (40 cals, 2g fat)and a sprinkle of oregano.

Bake it on a cookie sheet for 6 minutes at 350.

I have to pat myself on the back and say it's way better than the local pizza places can do! lol It makes a huge pizza. I'll let you gals figure out the points, but it fits my program really well.

Re: On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter

yummmmmmmyyyyy I'm going to try it.

I have the new WW pita breads 1 pt...

cut that in half and that will make a great thin crust pizza...

thanks for the reminder, see another great idea again on Aimees site....

xoxoxoxo you rock...

Re: On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter

I am also on program today, I am behind on my water for the day. I need to concentrate on that. I've done good all week, but I have to admit I am a little nervous about tomorrow. I am cooking at my mother-in-laws and there will be COCONUT PIE! I have saved 33 of my extra 35 points and I only have to make it til Tues, so think I should be okay. This has really been the first holiday dinner we've had since I have been back on program. Hope everyone does well tomorrow and Happy Easter!

Re: On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter

That's pretty much how I make my pizzas too. Super easy. I do it just a little different. I like mine really crispy, so I bake the flat out bread until it starts to lightly brown, then I pull it out of the oven, add a little pizza sauce, a little italian seasoning, sprinkle a little cheese (or sometimes I'll spread a wedge of laughing cow cheese on it before I put the sauce on), Then I add turkey pepperoni and sometimes onions and peppers (if I have them) and stick it back into the oven until the cheese melts and the pepperoni is kinda crispy around the edges. :)

Re: Re: On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter

I am on program as best I can be on the run seeing mom etc.
Up 3 lbs!
Quiznos smoked chicken sub on wheat ate it and realizd half way through it has bacon. Oh well, still trying.

Doing what I can today is still better than what I have done in the past.

Have no clue about Easter, I will be3 at my sisters house. I may cook there if i can.

Love to you all,


Re: On Program today Sat April 7th day b4 Easter


I know exactly what you are saying about being on the run. Last year until November my dad was in and out of hospitals, mostly in instead of out, but the point being it is so hard when you are trying to work and go visit to eat healthy. A cheeseburger is much easier to eat while driving than a salad. Anyway, all of that running stopped me from going to ww's and eating on the run lead to a 25lb weight gain. So good luck, hope you do better than I did. Hope you Mom is doing okay. Happy Easter