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Trader Joe's

I went to Trader Joe's this afternoon. Thought I'd share with you some stuff I got (in case you don't already know about it)...

TJ's Organic Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal - 1 packet = 3 points (Rick likes to take this to work and add hot water)

TJ's Hot and Spicy Chili Oil - 1 teaspoon = 1 point
It says a little goes a long way on this, so you probably wouldn't need anymore than 1 teaspoon. I thought it might be good in chili, or to cook chicken in to give it a little extra kick. :)

TJ's Organic Brown Rice - 1 Cup = 3 points
I like this because you don't have to boil water to eat it, you just heat it up. Super easy.

TJ's Premium Salmon Patties - 1 Patty = 2 points
I'm trying these for the first time, so I can't really tell you what they're like. But it just looks like Salmon that's round and thin like a frozen hamburger patty.

TJ's Lowfat Chicken Chow Mein - 1/3 Package = 4 points
I'm trying this for the first time too. I've never had chicken chow mein, so I can't compare to the real thing. All I'll be able to do is tell you if I liked it or not.

TJ's Chicken Fried Rice - 1 Cup = 4 points
I've had this before a few years ago. It's good and another thing that's super easy to make. :)

TJ's Turkey Meatballs - 1 point each
I like to thaw a few of these out and add them to spaghetti when I'm short on time. I think they're worth a point.

MorningStar Farms Sausage Links - 2 for 1 point
I haven't had these for probably 4 years and I honestly can't remember if I liked them or not, so I'm trying them again.

TJ's Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausage - 2 for 5 points or 3 points each.
I LOVE these! They might be a little spicy for some people if you don't like spicy, but they have other flavors too. I haven't tried the other flavors but I'm sure they're just as good. I like to bake these in my convection oven with some sliced onions. Then right before they're ready to come out, I throw in a couple of 1 point hotdog buns to heat them up. I add a little mustard and man.... as Alton Brown would say... "That's Good Eats". LOL!

TJ's Nonfat Chocolate Yogurt - 1 (6 oz.) Container = 3 points.
I bought one of these last time I went, and although I didn't eat it plain, it was good for mixing into the No Pudge Brownies instead of vanilla (TJ's also sells No Pudge Brownies).

TJ's Low Fat Ginger Cat Cookies - 15 cookies = 3 points, but I figured up if you eat 13 or 14 cookies, it's 2 points and if you eat 20 cookies, it's still 3 points. Oh and you can have 8 cookies for 1 point. :) All I can say is these are good. Crunchy with just enough ginger. They also sell chocolate cat cookies. I use to buy those all the time a few years ago. I didn't buy any this time. I figured I'd have better luck staying out of the ginger cookies than I do with the chocolate cookies. :)

Ok, since I'm trying out green tea, they had 2 different kinds to choose from at Trader Joe's with zero calories....

The first one I tried was TJ's Kettle Brewed Unsweetened Green and White Tea with a hint of mint. 8 oz. has zero calories and zero's all the way down the list. I also give this tea a zero. Let's just say it wasn't my cup of tea. LOL! I even added Splenda to it and still couldn't drink it. It was like water with a hint of mint and something else. Rick didn't like it either, so I know it wasn't just me and the fact that I really don't like tea. He loves tea. The guy that rang it up said he loved it and it was one of his favorite things in the store. I guess everyone is different. :) I'll be taking this one back.

The other tea I bought was Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng. 8 oz. has zero calories and everything except there are 20mg of sodium. This one is much better. It's already sweetened with Splenda so I don't have to add anything. I'm still not a big tea fan, but I can stomach this one. I'm actually drinking a glass right now. The more I drink the more it seems to be growing on me. LOL! I don't really like paying $1.50 per bottle, but I'm hoping eventually by drinking this, I'll like tea and can just make my own. :)

Ok, that's all I bought today. Feel free to chime in if you have any TJ favorites or didn't like something. I always like to hear what others think.

Re: Trader Joe's

I bought 2 gallons of TJ green and white tea, I didn't find it bad, at least it didnt have that tea taste I don't like tea,...
I also use the Arizona all zero.... thats not too bad, I think the expense is in the pretty outside of the bottle... all Madison Ave advertising,

sounds like you have a better TJ's than we do here at this end of NJ...
The one i go to is pretty small, I never saw frozen yogart, but I have had their fried rice, its very good, and all their oriental food is good too, so the Chick Chow Mein you got, you'll like it...

close to the real restaurant style...

I buy the Kettle Lightly salted baked potato chips there, they're good and I never gained weight on eating them when I feel like a chip... or two... or three, but I do limit myself with it.... I just keep them on hand incase I'm looking for that salt...

Re: Trader Joe's

HI Aimee, thanks again for the nice welcome to your site. I love Trader Joes..there's one close to my house. I'm sorry I don't have the points information, as I am following more of the old style WW's plan right now, but there are some incredible Fiber Muffins at Trader Joes, that are only 80 cals...with a dab of fat free cream cheese and a hot beverage, they are really filling and delicious. There's also a chocolate covered tofu ice cream bar that they have that can make an incredibly wonderful treat that is 150 calories and some frozen lemon popsicles that are only 60 calories each. These are all products I just can't find anywhere else. I am extremely impressed with all the detailed info available on your site, not to mention all the wonderful support and encouragement. Sincerely, Maajida

Re: Trader Joe's

The chocolate yogurt isn't frozen, it's in the dairy section. It's just yogurt that is chocolate flavored. :) My Trader Joe's is probably about the same size as yours. I've never seen a really big one. Mine is pretty small too and the one I use to go to in Columbus wasn't big either (maybe a touch bigger than mine, but still not big). They cram those aisles pretty full though don't they? LOL!

Thanks for the thumbs up on the chicken chow mein. It's good to know I didn't waste money on it. :)

I've seen all the stuff that you mentioned, but I've never tried any of them. Maybe when it gets warmer out I'll try one of those frozen bars you mentioned. It's been pretty cold here lately. We even had heavy snow showers Friday with white out conditions on the highway. It was weird because just a few days before it was almost 80 degrees. We've got light flurries going on outside right now. LOL! Weird spring weather.

Re: Trader Joe's

I do not have a Trader Joe's here,but going to a fab store that everyone raves about called "Wegman's", they are in PA,NY,NJ,VA and MD.

I eat alot of Morningstar products, i like the sausage patties better.
They now make a breakfast scramble that has bits of potates, peppers,onions and sausage in it to mix with Your eggs. If you use egg=beaters like i do, there is not alot You can do with them, so this is one way to make a westerm omelet to spice up your breakfast.

Re: Trader Joe's

Yum that sounds good Akus. Have you seen the morningstar sausage crumbles that come in a bag? I use those to make quiche. :)

Re: Trader Joe's

I have not seen the crumbles i will have to search for them. They have hot wings and Italian sausage that i enjoy. The Veggies Bites that they have are good. I dont care for their burgers so i buy Boca brand and GardenBurger