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Aimee, where do you find those cute smileys that fit all of your messages on your blog. The cake eating one especially cracked me up!

Happy Easter!

Re: Smileys

LOL! That one cracked me up too. I get them from www.smileycentral.com You download it and it becomes part of your toolbar. I usually just do a search for a smiley that I think best represents what I'm talking about that day. :) Instead of the chocolate cake eating smiley, I was going to use one where the smiley has chocolate all over his face and he looks a bit out of it and he says "I like chocolate". LOL! I'm saving that one for another time though. :)

Re: Smileys

I have Verizon, MSN
I at one point tried to install the smileys, and heres what happened..

it was AOL which over rode my MSN and that over rode Verizon, it wiped everything out of my computer even my Internet Explorer.

It took me 4 hrs with Dell support, they had to reprogram the whole thing, starting off from scratch, so if your not too sure what your doing, don't do it...
I'm just saying this from expericne..

I love the smileys but I'm afraid to install them..

I'm no computer genius thats for sure LOL....