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Day after Easter Mon 4/9 back on program

Glad yesterday is over!!!!!
I blew it when it came to the desserts, I did go somewhat overboard, when I promised myself I wouldn't.
Can't trust myself....the older I'm getting the so called will power is nil.... I had more control of myself some years ago...

THis morning its definately to go exercising to get some of the damage off that I think I did yesterday,
I haven't gotten on the scale yet...

But its definately back on program today, 100%...
I have a WI tomorrow morning at 9....

Hope everyone else did well yesterday, and if you didn't post it, it helps... to fess up LOL..

Re: Day after Easter Mon 4/9 back on program

Hi Tobe, I am definitely one of those people who needs to more than 'fess up'.....I not only struggled yesterday, but I've been struggling since Thursday at a brunch at work and the struggles continued on through yesterday's Easter brunch. I am not proud of myself, especially since I've been on the heels of a relapse from about a month ago. I too remember times in the past, when it seemed that I stayed on track more easily. I appreciate your spirit of starting over and getting more strongly back on track. It feels so good to be on track that I wonder how I ever get so far off track at times. Take care and best of luck. I appreciate your posting about this. Maajida

Re: Day after Easter Mon 4/9 back on program

Yesterday was ugly! My dear mom made my absolute favorite, mashed potatoes with chicken and noodles. It's a starch and carb paradise, and I have more than once gobbled down an entire plate and went back for fourths. Also, there was a fresh baked loaf of this great looking bread.

I had to leave the house. I couldn't begin to imagine how long it would take me to burn all of that stuff off.

So I decided to go to a movie with a friend, and we actually got to stop at a Trader Joe's while we were in the area. I now have LF peanut butter and no pudge brownies. I haven't had PB for over 3 months!

However, the movie theater we went to is right next to his favorite pizza place. Anytime we go to a movie there we always stop right next door. I'm feeling pretty weak by the time he asks if I want to get something to eat, but he suggested Subway. I could have hugged him. He is finally starting to support what I'm doing!

I made it through, and I don't know how. I've also requested that a friend of mine that is a professional massage therapist set me up an appointment. I've never had a massage, and I figure I darn well deserve it after the nightmare that was yesterday!

However, this morning the scale says I'm up a pound. LOL So now I'm busy trying to fit it down the trash compactor!

For those of you that had a bad day, don't despair too much. It was one bad day, remember when you ate like that on most days? See how much you've improved? You're doing awesome and one bad day won't make or break you!

You're awesome for fessing up and not giving up!

Good luck folks!