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Changing Ways and Choices

After re-joining WW a month ago but knowing i needed to join for the last 2 years. I am finally at that mind-set.
You know the mind set that says, "Ok i am going to do this and nothing will distract me" including reasons to celebrate with fat,off the program foods.

I know my weak points and one of them was having an Easter basket.As long as the bag of fruit and nut eggs,jelly beans,robin eggs,hershey kiss's, peanut butter eggs, etc etc is NOT open i dont have a problem. However as soon as the bag is open, its all over.

My teen daughters also do the program with me and they had a friend staying the week-end, Usually i go and buy chips,Pepsi,pizza, cookies,ice cream, yanno the stuff that kids like and the kind of things that Mom's take a bite here and there???

I said to them, i hope K( the friend) likes lemon water because i am not buying Pepsi.

I have learned i cannot keep things like that in my house.

I can not just have one bite of cake or one hershey kiss.

This is what keeps me OP everyday.
My mind set and my choices, because we all have choices.

Re: Changing Ways and Choices

You sound so very determined...with an attitude like that, and the changes you are already starting to make, you can't help but succeed. Best of luck, Maajida (who appreciates how inspiring that is for others to read)

Re: Changing Ways and Choices

SOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!! The part about the bag being closed is TOTALLY me. If it's closed and I can't "sneak" a handful, it's no big deal. But as soon as it's open, I'm done.

It's weird, but I almost equate it to quitting smoking, which I did successfully 15 months ago. I know that if I ever had a cig again, I'd be back to smoking. If it's possible, I find this even more difficult, because I still need FOOD to survive, right? Can't cut it out completely.

But I do know if I had the willpower to quit smoking, I have the willpower to do this.