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Holiday On Points!!!

Hi, Aimee, I'm giving you and your buddies on ths site all the credit for my having had my first holiday in a long time without over-eating. Your support is so important, and I just kept thinking about all the other folks in AIMEE'S ARMY (hey, that's catchy), who were also staying on track this weekend. The biggest life saver for me was your wonderful pineapple angel food cake. It is absolutely delicious and satisfied me while everyone around me was eating theirs with ice cream. I didn't tell them until after all the "oohs and aws" that it was low in calories. Everyone loved it and it is sure to become an Easter tradition at our house. After enjoying my 1/12 of the recipe, I didn't even want chocolate bunnies, etc. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I check your blog evry morning. Keep up the great work! I'm trying to find a recipe that is worthy of your new Community cook book. You're a tough act to follow. Maybe that's why folks are taking so long to get them to you. Will you do the nutritional break-downs for them since I don't have the program to do that? LouAnne

Re: Holiday On Points!!!

Hi LouAnne,
Wow, that's awesome! I'm really glad you were able to stick with it yesterday. My mom made the pineapple angel food cake too. :) Everyone always loves that one (well except me because I don't eat pineapple unless it's pretty much juice - it's a texture thing of mine, don't ask. LOL).

Aimee's Army... hmmm that is rather catchy. "Aimee's Army - Fighting the war on fat". LOL!

Sure, I can figure the nutritional info for any recipe you send in. Just be sure to include exact measurements and everything. :) Thanks!