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Reasons why

So, as of late I've really started to discover my reasons for doing this. I had my goals and reasons when I started, but now I really know why I'm doing this.

I thought I'd share, and if anyone wants to jump in, feel free!

For starters, I got to thinking about the size question earlier. I've tried on the old size 16's that I have here and they don't fit, but I wondered about different brands. Off I go to the clothing store. I started searching in the plus sizes, and got frustrated quick. All they had were capri pants, and the jeans on the clearance rack were all several sizes too big. I finally asked the clerk and she says, "oh, you're in the wrong section. You need to look in juniors for that size." Me? Juniors?

Size 16 fits! I tried on a size 14, pulled them up, buttoned them and managed to breathe. They're snug but they fit!!!!

Another reason is my love life. My special guy has known me through all of my sizes over the last 10 years. He's always said he likes me at any size and that he finds me sexy. However, let's just say that our little romantic moments are waaaay better now. I have more energy, and I feel better about being intimate with him. I have to say he's responding to the change too!

Funny thing has been happening lately too....spots on my body that used to jiggle and shape now have these weird bumps. Like on my arm, there is this smooth curve that doesn't jiggle. Get this, it's firm! Someone told me it just might be a muscle. Me? Muscles? I don't have those do I?

I'm feeling better everyday, and I can't wait to make more discoveries. Perhaps more of those muscle things, I kind of like them.

As we're tempted, let's not forget our reasons. Even if they're reasons you never thought you'd have.

Re: Reasons why

Very nice post Amanda.

Re: Reasons why

Inspiring. Good realization too...I think a lot of us tend to forget our reasons when the chocolate is calling!!