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Oh my Gawd! Cravings

This is new, i am craving


have been since last night.

Adds yoplait to my shopping list.

Re: Oh my Gawd! Cravings

Hi Akus, and thanks for your welcome to me on another post. I am glad you posted about cravings...they can be our nemesis on this journey, but I think we can use them to our advantage too...by programming into our eating day some way to enjoy those craved foods within reason. Otherwise we can get too deprived and have things backfire. Sounds like adding that yogurt to your shopping list will be a good thing. Maajida

Re: Oh my Gawd! Cravings

Well i bought the yogurt but the crsving has passed. Actually i forgot to add it to my list and as i was getting ready to head for the check out i did a mental list in my head to see if i forgot anything. A little lightbulb went off in my head***YOGURT*, even though it was close to 11 pm and i just worked 8 hrs, in the same store i am shopping in.And the yogurt was alllllllllllllllll the way over on the other side of the store, i went and got it. As i was checking out i was talking to the cashier, who i consider a friend, i mentioned the craving and she said, that is a strange thing to crave, and i said, better than chocolate or maybe i need calcium. And i cant eat just one piece of chocolate.............she said Sure you can, just open the bag take one out and close the bag again!!( me thinking this but not saying it-) Pardon me but i think i know my body just a tad better than You do and i will show you 70(lbs)
reasons why i DIDN'T and CAN'T eat one piece of chocolate.

After i left the store i wondered why she reacted like that to me.....
Then i realized i shared with her a month ago, my rejoining of WW and the loss's i gained. She told me she lost 15 lbs, eating 2 waffles for breakfast and a "normal" lunch and then for dinner 2 more waffles. ( yummy sign me up for that nutrious-learning die-t)
When i seen her yesterday she was just coming into work and i had taken my lunch break to go weigh in and she asked how i was. I told her i went to weigh in and i lost 1.2 lbs for a total of 12 lbs in a month. Then she said Oh soon You will be catching up with me, i said yep and i did it without eating a single waffle!!!..

Maybe in time as she see's the pounds melt away like chocolate, she will see that eating healthy and cooking more than waffles is the way to live Your life.

OK now i am off to eat a yogurt, should i spread it over a waffle?!?! LOL