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How to Handle a Gain

This is from the WW Website. I thought it might help some of us who may be looking at a gain this week...

You step on the scale–and it registers a gain. How do you pull yourself back up after a letdown like this? Our Community Users have some great advice for how to hang in there and move on.

What to Do Right Now
After a gain, you may be frustrated with the scale, but that's no reason to lose your motivation. Congratulate yourself for your hard work and remain positive about the coming week.

Community User FILLESUPERBE points out that you have two options: You can go back to the way you were eating before Weight Watchers, or you can stay on plan, eat healthy foods and keep your chin up. FILLSUPERBE says if you choose the second option, "You'll likely have a gain here or there, but eventually the scale will budge downward and your hard work will pay off."

Don't beat yourself up. TERESATVDIVA says if you are sticking to the plan, give it some time and your body will catch up. "Remember to pat yourself on the back because you're doing what needs to be done to improve your health and live a longer life. Be proud of that."

"Try taking a walk now," says BROCKS86. "Exercise makes me feel empowered."

"This weight-loss journey has taught me so much, one of the [most important] things is not to quit and your losses will catch up with you," says SUNSET3007. "There's power in perseverance."

Community User HARUKACHAN has experienced weight fluctuations throughout the weight-loss process. "I embrace every tiny loss and ignore tiny gains and setbacks. I refuse to quit and gain back all I've lost."

Have a Strategy for Next Week
If you stuck closely to the plan last week and still gained, remember that any number of factors could be the cause: starting a new exercise regimen, not eating enough of your earned activity POINTS® values, or consuming too much sodium (which can cause water retention). Our Community Users share how they mixed up their routine to help tip the scale back down:

"Be varied in what you eat – get plenty of protein and carbs," says IHARTBEARS. "Learn to eat real food now so you'll be able to do it when you reach your goal weight."

YDALEBACKUS has faced a gain before. "What helped me was lowering my salt intake, eating lots of high-fiber foods and drinking plenty of water."

Measurements are an important gauge when it seems like the scale is not cooperating. AMOMENT stays positive by taking measurements once a month and says, "I keep running calculations of my average weight loss per week. Even with the gains I've had from time to time, I am losing at a pace that I consider steady and healthy. That keeps me motivated."

Community User RJSJSN suggests switching food plans to shake things up. "I switched to the Core Plan® and it's helping me deal with my hunger issues better. Give it a try."

Make friends on the message boards. DLH1960 suggests visiting the Newbies Get Acquainted board or a fitness message board like Fitness Getting Started. "Find a thread with folks who seem to fit your personality, share your goals and a topic that fits your needs. Virtual Weight Watchers friends have helped me figure things out more times than I can count."

Remember Non-Scale Victories
Don't just measure your success by what the scale showed today. Evaluate your overall progress and move past this bump in the road.

Chart your weight-loss accomplishments on our Weight Tracker and Progress Charts. Community User SLW500 says, "I love looking at the steady decline – it's motivating to me."

It's not just about the number on the scale, says PERIDOT_84. "Eating better and exercising are major steps in becoming a healthier and happier person."

"It's easy to give up," says BUNNYDICKSON, "but think of how empowered you will feel in two weeks if you stick to the plan. Dig in your heels, drink your water and hold yourself high."

Community User FEBRUARYGIRL asks, "Are your clothes looser? Did you make it through an evening without mindless nighttime nibbling? Did you handle a stressful day by doing something other than pigging out afterward? Non-scale victories are the ways to measure your success and build up your confidence."

Don't give up. Community User AUNTIEDEAREST sums it up: "Meetings and weigh-ins are for good days and bad. Stick with it. Slow and steady wins the race."

Re: How to Handle a Gain

THanks Aimee
Funny well not funny haha that you posted this on this Day 2 days after Easter.

I did get on my scale this morning before heading to WW for my weekly WI and meeting, my scale said 1 lb UP

WW said .06 UP thats the .o6 gain that I should have lost to get to goal.. but I knew the sugar bingy thingy i had on Sun was going to get me, and it did..

so now I'm 1.2 to goal, but thats ok, I'm ready to get back on track 100% today and tomorrow back to the gym, i sluffed that off last week also, it does make a difference. The green tea i was using Lipton Diet does have sodium in it, could just be water, well whatever it is .06 was there back on my body...

I'm a WW'er for today....
and again tomorrow.....

Re: How to Handle a Gain

Thankyou to Aimee for posting this thread, and I applaud yours and Tobe's determination to be back on track and to get ALL the way to where you want to go, instead of 'almost' there. I wish I was only such a short distance from goal as you guys are, but I guess 15 to 20 pounds away is better than I was at the beginning of my journey. I appreciate how inspiring you guys are. maajida

Re: How to Handle a Gain

Aimee you couldn't have posted this at a better time. I had weigh in today also and I am up 2lbs. I am soooo frustrated because I really felt I did good on Easter and I also started walking and have walked three days last week about 1.5 miles each time. So, your post seemed to help calm me down a little. Thanks!